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METMO PEN - A Dual Threaded Pen For The Curious Mind

METMO PEN - A Dual Threaded Pen For The Curious Mind

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πŸ† METMO PEN - A Dual Threaded Pen For The Curious Mind


🎯 Precision machined to be the smoothest and most satisfying pen you'll ever own!

Since mankind first scrawled onto cave walls, we have searched for a tool that can provide dual-threaded satisfaction. Now it has finally arrived in the form of MetMo Pen.

MetMo Pen is both a fidget toy and tool, keeping you satisfied for hours on end, either fiddling with it or using it to sign your life away.

Why have they created this pen? They were fascinated by the engineered dual-threaded diamond screws that have been used since the start of the century, and the mesmerizing effect they give when two nuts can spin in both directions, so they set to work to capture this magic and combine it with a solid writing implement.

The result? The first functional diamond thread that you can actually buy!

Who's it for? Made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or just play around. Writing an essay by hand is taxing on the hand, but MetMo Pen provides instant relief both physically and mentally.

Machined from solid metals with a custom shallow angle thread, MetMo Pen just refuses to stop working. The increased pitch of the threads give them much more root material, making them incredibly strong when pitted against everyday drops and vehicular encounters.

They've also built in a nice tolerance between the pen and nuts, which, coupled with the huge thread engagement, means your MetMo Pen can survive even the most brutal encounters with heavy machinery.

This pen is designed to be a serious writing implement. A specially designed smooth-to-hold tip and a German engineered ballpoint makes using this pen a joy to use. They use a traditional oil based ink and the quality of the cartridge ensures no blotting with a smooth line weight from the moment you put pen to paper.

Machined to a smooth tip, MetMo Pen is made to be comfortable to hold. Through many hours of testing, they stripped back the texture just enough so that it gives a premium feel while writing.

The machined diamond pattern is more than just a knurled finish and gives instant pressure feedback to relieve those anxious fingers. It's like a tiny massage for your hands, it sounds odd, but it really feels good!

Simply sliding the nuts open and closed is hugely fascinating and can keep you absent-mindedly fiddling for hours, with countless combinations to explore and scratch that satisfaction itch!

Two precision machined nuts with a multi-start thread bring this design to life. Fiddle with a motion like no other as these two nuts spin in opposite directions but move in the same direction! What!? Weird, but so cool!

Perfectly Balanced Aluminium and Solid Brass!

Precision machined and precisely weighted. MetMo Pen is in line with the finest writing implement you can buy, because they wanted this to be an excellent pen that is a joy to write with.

What pen is complete without a case? They wanted to create a weighted case unlike any other that shows off the full dual-threaded nature. This is the perfect place to keep the pen looking great, while making a statement and an interesting talking point on your desk.

MetMo Pen is available in two options, either machined from solid 6061 grade aluminium which is then hard anodized or premium brass. They both come with two solid brass nuts included as standard.

They’re Team MetMo. They make interesting engineering oddities that everyone can enjoy. Creating stylish, practical items is their aim, cutting-edge design is their game.

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