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MATIV - The Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat

MATIV - The Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat

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🏆 MATIV - The Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat


🎯 The world’s first multi-fitness smart mat that uses AI algorithm and embedded sensors to analyze your real-time workout data

MATIV is the world’s first interactive multi-fitness smart mat. Nearly 40,000 sensors on the mat track each independent movement to provide accurate analysis and feedback while you follow the numerous range of exercise videos on the app. Various interactive features such as instructor’s voice feedback, burned calories display and encouragement tools offer you the experience of working out with a personal coach even at home. In short, MATIV helps you keep to a healthy habit of regularly working out whatever the situation or environment.

Embedded with 40,000 sensors and AI algorithm, MATIV distinguishes between nearly 300 movements and analyzes workout performance in real-time. This key feature of MATIV accurately monitors your training to identify appropriate situations to integrate its support features into your session.

Rather than the systematic voice feedback that most standard exercise applications offer, MATIV’s voice response provides support in accordance with your specific performance at the optimum point, just as if a personal trainer is right beside you. For instance, when it detects you panting it could respond with, “You’re almost there, don’t give up!”, to help you push through until the end, or when you reach the top rank during a workout, “Well done! You’ve reached first place!”, could stimulate you to maintain the input.

On MATIV, amount of calories burned can be checked real-time during a workout, and detailed analysis of your performance against previous workouts or your friends’ performance can also be examined afterwards. The mass data collected is simulated through visual records such as graphs that lets you easily digest the analyzed information, keeping you motivated.

MATIV offers a range of workout videos that are fun to follow, whatever your level of ability. Various exercises such as HIIT, Bootcamp, cardio and Pilates can be selected and tailored to fit to your personal capacity.

MATIV adds a competitive element to your workout through calculating your workout ranking among users. Your real-time rank shown on the ranking bar at the bottom of your screen will incite your competitive spirit, boosting your energy levels during the exercise.

Once you clear a given mission, you will receive an opportunity to participate in a challenge that offers a reward. Badges can also be won every time you achieve a target that is pre-set to factors such as workout frequency, calorie consumption or ranking.

MATIV can easily be set up anywhere you like – at home, outdoors or on the road – and stored in minimal space. You can utilize the space under your bed or that awkward corner that doesn’t fit anything else.

When you exercise with MATIV, movements made on top of the mat is recognized through its pressure sensors. Also, linear and rotational motion is detected on the band.

MATIV can be tailored to all levels of fitness, from beginners starting on their fitness journey to workout experts who have been regularly training. It provides a personal experience that satisfies everyone.

► MATIV - The Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat

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