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MARIZZOLLA - Helium Release Valve W/R 500M Automatic Watches

MARIZZOLLA - Helium Release Valve W/R 500M Automatic Watches

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πŸ† MARIZZOLLA - Helium Release Valve W/R 500M Automatic Watches


🎯 The Marizzolla watch could be the favorite collection watch for all backers, bring the new experience for all who love it

Marizzolla is a brand born for diving watches. Its production aims at top quality, high production cost but selling at a good and a low price, taking this innovation as its design route.

Helium release valve!
When saturation divers operate at great depths, they live under pressure in a saturation habitat with an atmosphere containing helium or hydrogen. Since helium atoms are the smallest natural gas particles, they are able to diffuse into the watch, past the seals which are able to prevent ingress of larger molecules such as water. This is not a problem as long as the watch remains under external pressure, but when decompressing, a pressure difference builds up between the trapped gas inside the watch case and the environment. Depending on the construction of the watch case and crystal, this effect can cause damage to the watch, such as the crystal popping off, as diving watches are designed primarily to withstand external pressure.

Some watch manufacturers manage this effect by simply making the case strong enough to withstand the internal pressure, but Rolex and Doxa S.A. approached the problem by creating the helium escape valve in the 1960s (first introduced in the Rolex Submariner/Sea-Dweller and the Doxa Conquistador): A small, spring-loaded one-way valve is fitted in the watch case that opens when the differential between internal and external pressure reaches is sufficient to overcome the spring force. As a result, the valve releases the gases trapped inside the watch case during decompression, preventing damage to the watch.

Helium release valves can primarily be found on diving watches featuring a water resistance rating greater than 300 m (1000 ft). ISO 6425 defines a diver's watch for mixed-gas diving as: A watch required to be resistant during diving in water to a depth of at least 100 m and to be unaffected by the over pressure of the breathing gas.

Compared to the other basic swimming watches, this diving watch has to withstand high water pressure to 500 meter and there are many complicated components on the diving crown, besides, the production requirements on the water pressure testing are very strict.

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