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MANTIZ - The World’s Smallest Folding Pocket Laptop Stand

MANTIZ - The World’s Smallest Folding Pocket Laptop Stand

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🏆 MANTIZ - The World’s Smallest Folding Pocket Laptop Stand


🎯 Your new everyday laptop stand: replace your bulky, heavy laptop risers w/ portable, ventilated cast aluminum that outlives your device.

Introducing Mantiz, the world's smallest foldable laptop stand that help you get rid of those heavy, bulky and flimsy stands. Mantiz is a smart laptop and tablet stand that delivers effortless portability and comfort with a state-of-the-art foldable design, ventilation, stability and durability.

Mantiz is designed to make your work much easier. Measured at only 4.5’’ and weighing nearly 5.6oz, it is your best EDC peripheral.

Say goodbye to those heavy, bulky and hard-to-pack laptop stands. You can slap it on your table, or even ground to use it whenever you want.

Mantiz is a unique laptop stand because unlike most stands where they fold-down flat, it compacts down to a palm-sized bar. Its unique foldable design enables you to shrink the stand within seconds. You will never be restless of packing and unpacking the stand.

Your posture can be significantly improved upon using Mantiz. It lets you easily enjoy the perfect height of working on a laptop any time.

Keeping your screen to your eye level prevents you from hunching over while working. It is designed to benefit your posture problems and help eliminate pain and muscle strains for laptop users.

You can place it anywhere from 3 to 4.6 inches high and choose the best angles ranging from 20° to 32° to find a just-right position. (20° is the most comfortable resting angle).

Mantiz has a universal compatibility and should fit notebooks and laptops up to 17.3 inches. In addition, Mantiz holds up to 6.1lbs which means you can place any laptop above this stand.

Mantiz is fantastic for cable management since it comes with a hollow design that reduces the contact area with your desk so that you can route your cables underneath to keep your office, and desk both neat and tidy.

With 4 silicone contacts on the bottom, you can rest assured that Mantiz will keep your laptop secure while you are working. Also, Mantiz has two built-in brackets to prevent your laptop from slipping off the stand.

Made from aluminum alloy, a material that is resistant to rust, with its minimalist design, it can perfectly fit into your office and match with your device.

► MANTIZ - The World’s Smallest Folding Pocket Laptop Stand

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