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MÄNNKITCHEN - Pepper Cannon The Pepper Mill For Pepper Lovers

MÄNNKITCHEN - Pepper Cannon The Pepper Mill For Pepper Lovers

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🏆 MÄNNKITCHEN - Pepper Cannon The Pepper Mill For Pepper Lovers


🎯 Pepper your steak in 7 cranks instead of 70.

Love pepper?
At up to 10x the output of top-rated pepper mills, the Pepper cannon produces extravagant quantities of fresh ground pepper.

Simply decrease the coarseness until the output is merely excessive, pepper your eggs with 1/2 crank instead of 5 cranks.

Ordinary pepper mills are capable of producing pepper in the 12-28 mesh size range.

The Pepper Cannon can grind from 8 to over 60 mesh, producing pepper coarse enough for stocks and roast beef, and finer than the the pepper you buy pre-ground because your old mill can't grind fine enough.

With the Pepper Cannon you can grind everything from pixie-dust-fine-powder up to cracked pepper in seconds.

Grind pepper, not teeth.
Grind consistency is a function of maintaining equal distance between the burrs as they rotate. As such, it is expected that pepper particles smaller than the grind setting will pass through while larger particles will not.

So, a consistent grind means that no particles larger than a certain size will pass. The stabilized drive shaft and precision burrs on the Pepper Cannon make it so.

The Pepper Cannon features a top that pops off with the push of a button for easy filling then presses back into place with a satisfying "Click".

The MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon body is milled from a solid chunk of Aerospace Grade Aluminum and then anodized black to make the surface durable, non-reactive and easy to clean.

Not plastic: Plastic breaks and deforms easily.
Not wood: Wood retains moisture.
Not glass: Glass shatters and allows light to degrade pepper.

Metal construction allows us to achieve the very strict tolerances required for precision parts to produce exceptional results while adding strength and durability.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on planet Earth, is 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely.

The pepper cannon body, top, and base cup are made from recycled Aerospace grade aluminum with anodized black exterior.

The Pepper Cannon is precision engineered to produce the widest range of ground pepper at the fastest speed. It's a quantum leap forward in pepper milling.

MÄNNKITCHEN - Pepper Cannon The Pepper Mill For Pepper Lovers

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