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LYLUX - The World’s First Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer

LYLUX - The World’s First Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer

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🏆 LYLUX - The World’s First Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer


🎯 A super-portable cordless hair dryer with salon-grade performance. Dry hair efficiently with freedom to move

Lylux is cordless, bladeless and provides salon-grade performance that is ultra-portable. Lylux takes the hassle out of morning routines and lets users say goodbye to tangled power cords.

Lylux is the world’s first cordless and bladeless hair dryer and features salon-grade performance and everyday convenience. Now, users are no longer limited by power cords and can dry their hair efficiently anywhere they choose. Lylux speeds up grooming and is perfect for travel, camping, or multi-tasking while getting ready for the day.

With a 100,000 rpm powerful motor that shortens the hair drying process during busy daily routines, Lylux is three times faster than other hair dryers and its unique bladeless design provides even airflow with no chance of hair getting drawn into the dryer or twisted up. An intelligent sensor for temperature control maintains a perfect 104° F that dries quickly without overheating the hair.

“For most people, mornings are hectic. Between getting ready for work, waking up the kids and personal grooming, the bathroom is the busiest room in the house. Hair drying adds more mess with power cords that tangle with other bathroom items. We created Lylux to give users the freedom to move while providing fast, powerful, hair drying. Lylux has a bladeless design that is safer to use than traditional hair dryers and it’s totally portable with no power cord to hold you back. It makes hair care easier and goes with you anywhere.” Charles Lei, CEO of Lylux.

The sleek modern design of Lylux uses a special pedestal that stores the dryer upright and out of the way and its powerful built-in quick charge battery means it’s always ready. It can be charged up to 85% in just 45 minutes and a full charge takes just one hour.

Lylux is perfect for all hair types has magnetic nozzle mounts for hair care accessories that concentrate airflow for different finishes. The dryer is extremely versatile with four heat and speed settings for professional styling and modern hair care for anyone.

► LYLUX - The World’s First Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer

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