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LEGEND PUSHUP V2 - Take Your Home Workout To The Next Level

LEGEND PUSHUP V2 - Take Your Home Workout To The Next Level

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πŸ† LEGEND PUSHUP V2 - Take Your Home Workout To The Next Level


🎯 An advanced pushup bar designed to eliminate wrist pain, generate more muscle growth, deliver faster results and prevent plateau

Legend Pushup takes your workout to the next level.
It's an advanced pushup bar and instability trainer designed to generate more muscle growth, deliver faster results and help prevent plateau.

Pushup - One exercise that engages all your major muscles.
Pushups are a very popular exercise for a good reason - they work. The world's oldest compound exercise builds your arms, chest, shoulders and core.

Unlike other pushup bars on the market which are made of plastic, the Legend Pushup is made from high-strength steel tubing with large, comfortable hand grip. It is built to last.

1 - No Wrist Pain.
They designed the Legend Pushup so it rolls on the floor and lets your wrists stay in the most comfortable angle regardless of your body position.

2 - More Muscle Growth.
The Legend Pushup's curve base design promotes more muscle growth. Its instability engages more muscle groups making your workout much more effective. It is like standing on one foot - your whole body works harder to keep you balanced.

3 - Chest-squeeze Effect.
One of the best ways to make your pushup more productive is to squeeze (contract) your chest together while extending your arms. The rolling inward motion of the Legend Pushup naturally moves your arms closer together and helps you maximize this squeezing effect. Your pecs will be on fire!

4 - Avoid Plateau.
The Legend Pushup helps you avoid plateauing by allowing you to do many pushup variations ergonomically to create "muscle confusion". You can push beyond your limits and take your growth to a whole new level.

5 - Deeper Range Of Motion.
You can go deeper in your movements. Stretch your muscles - expand your ranges.

6 - Stable Mode.
Just flip the Legend Pushup around when you need a stable base. It allows you to try different positions and levels that is best for you.

7 - Expand Your Workout.
Go beyond pushups. You can use the Legend Pushup handles for many other exercises.

8 - Workout Anytime.
Another great thing about pushups is their versatility. You can do them anywhere and anytime. You can do them at home, on the road or even in the office.

Save time from driving to the gym. Stay safe by avoiding mass gatherings. And better yet, you don't have to wear a mask while working out.

9 - Save Money.
Working out at home is free. Save yourself from the monthly gym membership fee. The cost of the Legend Pushup is a fraction of the gym fee - and you pay for it only once!

10 - Their Customers Love The Legend Pushup.
Over 20,000 units shipped and the majority of reviews have been 5 stars.

Legend Pushup V2 is slightly shorter and lighter than the original version. It has a better rust protection paint, and comes in a new vibrant red color.

● Rocking mode;
● Stable mode;
● Soft cushion hand grips;
● High-strength steel frame;
● Non-slip tube covers;
● Weight vest ready.

Legend Pushup is simply the best pushup bar around! It takes your home workout to a whole new level.

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