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LASTPAD - The Reusable Menstruation Pad

LASTPAD - The Reusable Menstruation Pad

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πŸ† LASTPAD - The Reusable Menstruation Pad


🎯 Making periods a little less shitty

Approximately 19 billion single-use feminine hygiene products are thrown out each year, the vast majority of this will end up in landfills as plastic waste, and this is only in The US.

According to the European Commission, menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic waste product found in our ocean.

During the 2016 beach clean-up, the Marine Conservation Society found 20 feminine hygiene products per 100 meters of shoreline, this is pretty fatal for marine life.

A woman that uses single-use menstruation pads will use somewhere between 11.000 and 16.000 single-use menstruation pads during her life, this is both expensive and bad for the environment.

The reusable LastPad is thin, soft, and leakproof, it has a 5-year guarantee (with proper care), is super absorbent, and it is good for 240 uses (or more), this means that if you buy their recommended 9 packs you will have saved the planet from 2880 single-use menstruation pads, pretty awesome right!

Buy LastPad once and cross menstruation pads off your checklist forever. No more excessive waste, no more running out of pads. Just Bleed, Wash, and repeat.

Menstruation pads will end up costing you thousands of dollars in single-use feminine hygiene products over time.

Most women deal with about 5 (2-7 days being the norm) days of bleeding per menstrual cycle for about 40 years, this adds up to about 494 menstrual cycles in a lifetime.

If using menstruation pads then you will probably go through 4 single-use pads (between 4-5) per day with an average price of $0,48 per pad.

Per period: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 0,48 per pad =$9,6 per cycle.

Per year: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 13 periods = 260 pads per year x $0,48 per pad = $124,8 per year.

In a lifetime: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 494 periods = 9880 pads per life x 0,48 per pad = $4742,4 in a lifetime.

Isabel Aagaard, 29, is a designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature. Frustrated by all the single-use products out there, she has decided to design innovative solutions to wasteful habits that make a lasting positive impact. LastObject was founded in 2018 with the first product being LastSwab (2019), then LastTissue (2020), LastRound (2020), and LastTissue Box in early 2021 (fulfilled), so in a period of just 2.5 years LastObject has grown from a small start-up to a company with a wide range for reusable alternatives to single-use.

At LastObject they want the most skilled people that share the common goal of eliminating single-use, that’s why their 40 employees work from 15 different countries around the world, helping them be better at solving one of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced. If you are an expert in your field and see areas that you feel they can improve, and you can help, then please reach out to them.

At LastObject they only work with the best factories in the world to ensure you get the best product and can rest assure that all measures have been taken to protect the environment and workers in the progress.

The search for the right manufacturer took them all over the world, but they ended up with a manufacturer in Vietnam because their quality, the way they think about the environment, and human rights were all areas that lived up to their high standards at LastObject, they have signed their Code Of Conduct where they confirm that they live up to all European standards, regarding the environment, human rights, and more.

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