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LAMBOGO - Rugged High Speed Wireless SSD Storage

LAMBOGO - Rugged High Speed Wireless SSD Storage

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πŸ† LAMBOGO - Rugged High Speed Wireless SSD Storage


🎯 Designed for the wilderness. The go-to storage to keep your data safe and sound with just one touch

LAMBOGO is a compact SSD with up to 8TB of storage, having built-in Wi-Fi that supports most of your devices. It allows you to transfer your data, stream your video, music, drone footage, and many more anytime anywhere. This is perfect for those who are always on the go and want something portable and durable.

LAMBOGO doesn’t require any cable or computer. As long as you have an external SD card/USB Flash Drive, you can begin to transfer and backup your data. This is especially convenient for those who always have to work on the field. Not to mention, you can preview your photos and stream 4K videos directly from LAMBOGO to any device!

Just Plug in and Press the button. Your files will be backed up within minutes. With 320MB/s transfer speed, it only takes 7 minutes to back up a 128 GB SD Card.

LAMBOGO is a solid-state hard drive with up to 2400 MB/s transfer speed, that's 17X faster than your typical external hard disk. It takes only 20 seconds to transfer a 48GB video to your LAMBOGO.

Tested using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, LAMBOGO can hit stable read and write speeds of up to 2400 MB/s.

You can also connect LAMBOGO with Wi-Fi. You can access and transfer your files wirelessly with speeds of up to 900 MB/s.

Overheating is a common issue when a large amount of data is being transferred. It will result in a slower transfer speed and affect the overall performance. LAMBOGO's internal cooling system helps to release heat and maintain suitable temperature for optimal performance. This helps to maintain a high performance stably and improves its longevity.

LAMBOGO can store up to 8TB of data, allowing you will get the space needed to save all of your media, data, game and program files. Do not let your creativity get limited by the lack of storage!

With LAMBOGO's custom application, you can preview your media and manage your files β€” all through your Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS Device. You can even preview and export RAW images, to edit them with third-party apps.

No Download Time or Memory Space needed. With LAMBOGO App, you can immediately access and stream 4K videos directly to your phone or tablet.

You can stream multiple videos to multiple devices. Sharing your library with your family and friends.

LAMBOGO can connect to multiple devices at the same time inside the same Wi-Fi spectrum. You can then share your media library to anyone, making it much easier to download and share your files.

Rain or Shine, shoot and store in any environment. The Water-resistant case protects against drops and rain, and the Splash-proof seal repels water and dust. This is great if you plan to travel with it when it is raining. Hardware is protected from dust and capable of withstanding light water immersion.

Rugged and sturdy, capable to withstand any environment. Durability is very crucial when it comes to a portable storage. The case is designed to protect LAMBOGO from dust, sand, and to be resistant and protect against shock, so you can bring it everywhere without worries.

No matter you use Mac or Windows, iOS or Android, you are a photographer or a game-lover, LAMBOGO can back you up. Back up your files and games, LAMBOGO brings you more safety and security.

LAMBOGO has up to 8 hours continuous use. Bring it on an all-day shoot, stay out in the field longer. Take it on a long trip, continuously streaming videos on the road or in flight. The integrated 5000 mAh power bank can even charge your mobiles, cameras and other devices on the go too.

β–Ί LAMBOGO - Rugged High Speed Wireless SSD Storage

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