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KIMBLADE NANO - Wiper Blade Solution Completed By Nanotech

KIMBLADE NANO - Wiper Blade Solution Completed By Nanotech

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πŸ† KIMBLADE NANO - Wiper Blade Solution Completed By Nanotech


🎯 Reinvented wiper blade reinforced by Carbon Nanotube & Graphene. Never mind wipers until you buy the next car! [3rd Generation]

Kimblade was developed, beginning with the question, "Why don't the wipers develop when the car continues to develop?" We say the wipers are no longer consumable. Taking advantage of the first Kickstarter campaign's experience, they have prepared a second Kickstarter campaign to help more drivers get out of the wiper stress.

There are various merits if a car wiper blade is made out of silicon materials. One thing for sure is that you can check soft movement and the other one is that water repellent coating can be constantly applied onto the glass.

Highly stable and strong special silicone prevents deformation and corrosion even when exposed to outdoor conditions for a long time.

Wiper blades have a complex structure with each component serving its own function. The upper part of the wiper blade is made of flexible and durable material that securely holds the wiper blade and allows it to be used for a long time without tearing. KIMBLADE’s core technology, CNT-reinforced special silicone, is used at the tip of the blade, which touches the glass directly and wipes rain and water off the glass. The specially reinforced silicone minimizes tearing from foreign substances, works smoothly on the glass, and forms a coating film on the glass surface.

Silicone is considered safe for use in high-temperature applications, so it can withstand high fluctuations in temperature when rubber cannot.

The existing rubber wiper is relatively vulnerable to strong sunlight, freezing weather, ultraviolet rays, and ozone, resulting in an increase of deformation and corrosion as time goes by. Kimblade wiper is made out of special double-layered silicon and is very stable regarding deformation and corrosion even when exposed to various environmental circumstances, enabling a user to experience reliability and convenience.

The water-repellent and other special substances applied to the silicone blade make KIMBLADE wiper act like water-repellent coating of the windshield, and help clear the view even during pouring rain.

Ceramic in Nano Cleaner helps remove contaminants from the tiniest cracks in the glass that are not visible to the human eye. The graphene in the Nano Treatment makes the glass more transparent and coats fine cracks from which contaminants are removed.

KIMBLADE wiper frame does not need to be replaced. If the blade is accidentally torn by sharp material, etc., Kimblade can replace only the blade insert without the need for complete wiper replacement. The blade inserts are made from 100% silicone, which can be switched out and recycled. This makes KIMBLADE not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

The wiper frame is also sturdy and flexible, allowing it to adhere closely to the curved windshield for more effective wiping.

Can you imagine driving without wipers on rainy days?

KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner Bundle is made with the consideration of the compatibility between the wiper and the coating material, so, not only does the wiper move more smoothly, but it also lasts longer.

β–Ί KIMBLADE NANO - Wiper Blade Solution Completed By Nanotech

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