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IRONTIDE - The Adventure Short With A Waterproof Pocket

IRONTIDE - The Adventure Short With A Waterproof Pocket

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🏆 IRONTIDE - The Adventure Short With A Waterproof Pocket


🎯 Designed for adventurers. Keep your valuables safe, secure and dry while you explore the outdoors. IPX-8 certified. Submersible 100ft

Boost your sense of adventure and take your outdoor passions to a whole new level! Thanks to its revolutionary waterproof pocket, you’ll never fear a wet phone again, as the sealed pockets protect and store any valuables you need, leaving it completely dry. Swim with your valuables in your pocket and hike with everything you need in one place!

They didn't stop there. In total, the Adventure short has 15 amazing features, to fully equip and prepare you for whatever Elements Earth throws at you.

They're a group of passionate adventurers in love with any outdoor activity. They realized that their most valuable and life-saving items were in danger every single time, but there was no convenient solution on the market!

After years of prototyping, product development, and testing, they came up with an ingenious idea. Why don’t to design a short that allows us to carry all our valuables and keep them dry and secure? Combining advanced waterproof technology with durable materials, they devised the only solution to store your valuables securely in one place.

Experience your adventure, and don’t worry about where your valuables are or how you store them. None of that.

Run, swim, go camping, and live freely. These shorts can withstand it all. Finally, you can store your valuables in your shorts without carrying an extra dry bag or phone pouch. Irontide is your outdoor short, your travel short, your activewear, and your everyday short.

Their shorts have a built-in waterproof pocket made from Neodymium magnets, which are the world's strongest magnets. This ensures you can swim with your valuables without them getting wet. It has an IPX-8 certification which means it is completely waterproof (and dustproof, airproof!) up to depths of 100ft and was used by a development program by NASA in 2018 where they required the highest performance liquid-tight closure system!

Here are some amazing features you don’t want to miss:
● The patented magnetic pockets use the strongest magnets in the world: Neodymium Magnets.
● It has strong, durable TPU strips that keep the seal in place, so no water or dust particles can enter. It is considered hermetically sealed.
● Two distinct magnet strips within the pocket provide double protection and security when in water. The pocket automatically seal shut, leaving no room for any filtration.
● 100% waterproof, scientifically tested with world standard IPX-8 waterproof testing. It can withstand depths of 100ft indefinitely, keeping all the fun and excitement of jumping in the water.

Capture every single inch of your adventure by keeping your phone where you need it most… in your pocket. You no longer need a separate bag to carry your phone. Irontide Shorts also eliminate the need to carry an extra pair of shorts for different activities. With one short, you can do it all: Capture your special moments and go on a terrific adventure with all your valuables secured in one place.

You’ll get more than just shorts. You’ll get a whole new sense of fun. You’ll eliminate the need to worry about where you put your stuff… and start enjoying your trip.

Irontide Short has a set of pockets that stay waterless and another set of pockets that can store all your items.

Thanks to Irontide Short’s high-end technology, tested by adventure enthusiasts, you can feel refreshed, move around with ease and, most importantly, secure your valuables inside them. You can now go on an adventure with one pair of shorts that you can use for everything.

► IRONTIDE - The Adventure Short With A Waterproof Pocket

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