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INMO AIR - World's Lightest True AR Glasses

INMO AIR - World's Lightest True AR Glasses

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🏆 INMO AIR - World's Lightest True AR Glasses


🎯 INMO Air glasses display computerized information superimposed over the real world

For smart AR glasses, mass-market adoption was lagging behind. This delay resulted in the industry's lack of innovation for accessible technology, fashionable designs, and easy-to-use applications.

Still, many products remain bulky, have excessive wiring for charging, and rely on mobile phones to function. But recently, they’ve found a solution.

They have long worked to produce a pair of glasses that put bulky and outdated headsets to shame.

Now with INMO AIR - the World’s lightest fashion-forward smart AR glasses weigh only 76g, designed to assist your everyday activities and let you stay fashionable on the go.

INMO Air glasses display computerized information superimposed over the real world. It’s a smart and safe wearable technology equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, HD 720p camera, advanced optical waveguide see-through display, BT & Wi-Fi connection, plus voice & gesture control for hands-free communication and information sharing.

INMO Air assists you by making everyday activities even easier. It helps you to be connected, stays informed, gets entertained, and stay up-to-date on everything you need to do your very best. No matter where you are, INMO Air can always give you a hand in making things easier. You can even leave your phone in your pocket and operate this smart device totally independent of other devices. This technology is truly “hands-free”!

INMO Air comes with great features including:

● Shoot from a first-person perspective without ever touching your phone.

● Set your destination and have detailed directions visualized right in front of your eyes, in real-time.

Dial or answer a call without picking up the phone. You can even deny calls straight from INMO Air.

● Enjoy hands-free & cable-free video watching without ever being disturbed.

● Utilize state-of-the-art AI voice assistance to find key information you need, even while your hands are occupied.

● Check the weather and always be prepared for a rainy (or sunny) day.

● Never miss an event, meeting, or birthday.

● Learn important messages timely with their unobtrusive interface across all of your apps.

● Play music and read lyrics, all within the INMO Air lens. Swipe to adjust volume and playback.

● Visual/Written Language Translation (AI recognition technology)

and much more! The possibilities are endless!

With an Android-based system, INMO Air’s functionalities can be extended with apps just like your smartphone!

Get rid of the wire & ditch the cyborg look!

Update your wardrobe with what the newest AR technology has to offer!

INMO Air does not come with wires or controllers of any form, in fact, you are the “controller”. Their touch, gesture, head movement, and voice control features let you free your hands, immersing you in the AR world.

● Touch Control - Simply use your fingers to swipe back and forth to access applications.

● Voice Control - With the voice recognition feature (currently only available in English) users can easily control the device.

● Hands-free control - You can now control your world with the INMO Ring instead of just touching the side of your INMO Air. Look way more natural, so most people won’t know you are using the ring to control the glasses.

CEO, Yim Yang, has worked in the AR/VR field for nearly 8 years, leading the design and development of many mainstream products.

There are currently about 20 people in the company's team, most of the team members are Coolpad’s elite developers, with many years of experience in the intelligent hardware industry.

► INMO AIR - World's Lightest True AR Glasses

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