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IMICRO Q2 - An 800x Fingertip Microscope For Any Smartphone

IMICRO Q2 - An 800x Fingertip Microscope For Any Smartphone

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πŸ† IMICRO Q2 - An 800x Fingertip Microscope For Any Smartphone


🎯 Tiny, Light, Easy To Use, Compatible With Any Smartphone, Affordable While Optical Performance Comparable To A Pro Desktop Microscope.

Since Antony Van Leeuwenhoek invented his microscope in the 17th century, there has been tremendous progress in microscope technology. Microscopes with excellent performance are usually bulky, heavy, and expensive, even for portable ones. It has comparable optical performance to a professional desktop microscope and enables you to carry it with you as easily as you bring your phone.

Extremely high magnification: up to 800x.
When used with a smartphone, it can observe, for example, at full view the mouth part of the housefly at a magnification of ~100x, and then zoom in detail up to 800x magnification. It is able clearly to see the spiral structure of the tip of the mouthpart at high magnification. If you don't have a microscope, you never know a housefly has such a fine structure at its mouth part. It is amazing!

It is about the size of a fingertip and weighs only 0.5g (~1/60 oz). It is very thin, only 3.2mm (1/8 inch). No parts extrude beyond the edge of your phone when it is installed. Also, We considered the portability of the package from the beginning of the design. It is packed in a card size thin PP case which is easy to fit into your wallet!

The Fingertip microscope is different from a comprehensive desktop microscope - it does not introduce a bulky and expensive focus tuning system. In contrast, the iMicro Q2 has no knobs and buttons at all. Compared with the original iMicro Q, the new iMicro Q2 is more comfortable to align and attach to your phone's camera. Just connect and point closely towards what you want to see, and it works!

iMicro Q2 will be coupled to your smartphone by an innovative, re-useable, nano-suction pad. Whether your phone has a single back camera or multiple back cameras, a flat camera(s), or extruded camera(s), the iMicro Q2 will work with them all.

The magnification mainly relies on its complex optical system for traditional compound microscopes, including objective and eyepiece. Its total magnification is a combination of the magnification of objective and eyepiece.

β–Ί IMICRO Q2 - An 800x Fingertip Microscope For Any Smartphone