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HUNU+ - The 16 Or 20 Oz Cup That Fits Into Your Pocket

HUNU+ - The 16 Or 20 Oz Cup That Fits Into Your Pocket

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πŸ† HUNU+ - The 16 Or 20 Oz Cup That Fits Into Your Pocket


🎯 A beautifully designed reusable cup that folds down small enough to fit in any pocket or bag. Comes in 16 and 20 oz with straw

When designing their first HUNU cup they started out with one very clear thought. Single use cups are convenient. Reusable cups are not. How do they change that? By designing a cup that fits in your pocket as easily as your phone or keys ensuring that its always with you when you need it.

HUNU+ features a unique new folding system that allows a 16oz cup to easily fold into a 3 cm disk without compromising on the sturdiness of the cup.

Every time you use your own cup one less piece of plastic goes to landfill. HUNU+ is a reusable cup that you will not only love using but also one that will actually be with you when you need it!

Their goal at HUNU is to design reusable products that fit into your life and HUNU+ does just that by slipping away easily into a pocket or bag after use.

When designing the HUNU cup they had a few non negotiable requirements. It had to be compact enough to comfortably carry around in a pocket all day. It had to be sturdy enough to safely hold a hot drink. It had to be made using the highest quality food grade materials. It had to look good and be light and durable. None of this changed when they started the design work for HUNU+

Silicone is a highly durable, non toxic material that can withstand extreme temperatures and doesn't leech toxic chemicals. It is very easy to clean and flexible enough to fold down easily but strong enough to form a sturdy, safe cup when unfolded.

When they brought out their original HUNU cup they used a bamboo composite for the lid (a mixture of resin and bamboo fibre). However their goal is to always be learning and over the course of last year they learned more and more about recyclable plastic and what a stable and safe material it is as well as how widely it can be recycled. they have since chosen to use a BPA and BPS free polypropylene for their new lids.

While there are many new materials coming onto the market and they will always looking for ways they could improve, right now not many of the plant based plastics are durable enough or easily recycled enough to compete with polypropylene.

Silicone is very non porous meaning that it is incredibly easy to clean. If you are out and about during the day a simple rinse out with water or even a wipe with a napkin will often be enough. At the end of the day using some dish soap in the sink or taking the lid and band off and popping everything in the dishwasher works great.

The HUNU cup is fully dishwasher safe!

β–Ί HUNU+ - The 16 Or 20 Oz Cup That Fits Into Your Pocket

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