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HENGDUAN - Portable Mosquito Killer With Rechargeable Battery

HENGDUAN - Portable Mosquito Killer With Rechargeable Battery

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🏆 HENGDUAN - Portable Mosquito Killer With Rechargeable Battery


🎯 Portable|Double Sided Repellent|Effective Range 10-30FT|19h Long Battery Life|IP65 Water-Resistant|Shockproof|Only 210g|Type-C Input

People appreciate nature more now than before. Summer is the best season of the year for camping and having picnics, these are the things everyone loves to do during summer. Enjoying quality time with friends and family, getting closer to nature.

In order to protect ourselves from indoor mosquito bites, we normally use pesticide spray or insecticides to kill mosquitos. What if when we go outdoor? How to enjoy a safe and pleasant time without mosquitoes?

HENGDUAN mosquito repeller is designed with a structure that you can insert the mosquito repellent pad into both sides of the device. You can choose either one-sided or double-sided mosquito repellent according to different situations.

HENGDUAN portable repeller uses heat-activated repellent to create an invisible zone of protection from mosquitoes and insects. This device is based on physical principles to heat repellent pads filled with allethrin to bring out the effect of repellent. When the repellent pads are is heated, they release the allethrin and repel mosquitoes.

Considering outdoor use, the overall shell material of HENGDUAN is PCR. The PCR material can be recycled to turn industrial waste into industrial production raw materials for mail delivery, realizing resource regeneration and recycling.

The application of heat-activated repellent can extend to a larger repellent range. Built-in lithium battery, perfect for portable use. The mosquito repellent pads can be replaced at any time. No additional storage space is required and is more suitable to be effectively used in the changeable outdoor environment.

Their products will not dissolve in water, and toxic substances will not dissolve in the water source to protect the environment!

In order to cope with different environments and needs, HENGDUAN has two modes: The camp mode works for 19 hours when fully charged, and covers a diameter of 10 feet range. The outdoor mode works for 10 hours when fully charged, and covers a diameter of 30 feet range. HENGDUAN gives you 360° protection.

Whether indoor or outdoor, mountain climbing or outdoor camping; HENGDUAN can be easily hung on your body, backpack or even hammock, wherever you want to put it or carry it around with you. A must-have product for home travel and outdoor outings.

With a built-in 9600mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery, you can use HENGDUAN as an emergency mobile power bank. The power output function has been added, HENGDUAN can be reversed into an emergency mobile power bank to charge mobile devices.

Our pace of life is getting fast in modern society nowadays. In order to adapt to this social phenomenon, HENGDUAN supports TYPE-C fast charging. It is equipped with a C to C two-way charging cable, which allows you to charge it with a power bank or charge by plugging the cable into the socket.

The outdoor environment is always unpredictable. HENGDUAN is IP65 waterproof. So no matter it gets wet in the rain, accidentally splashed or even dropped into a puddle, water short circuit will never happen on HENGDUAN.

HENGDUAN is drop resistant, and it won't be damaged even if it falls from 1.2m of height and hits the concrete floor. It will be still working normally.

► HENGDUAN - Portable Mosquito Killer With Rechargeable Battery

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