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HELIOSCAM - Wireless 4K x 3 Panoramic Security Camera

HELIOSCAM - Wireless 4K x 3 Panoramic Security Camera

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πŸ† HELIOSCAM - Wireless 4K x 3 Panoramic Security Camera


🎯 HeliosCam is a 360 degree panoramic security camera with intelligent AI recognition. HeliosCam is easily installed anywhere

From well-designed rugged hardware to intelligent software, HeliosCam is a user-centric product. You will have a smarter, simpler, and more powerful security camera than ever before. This is a new era of all-in-one 360-degree security cameras, and HeliosCam is well-equipped with everything you need!

Not a fan of complicated installations? NO PROBLEM! With HeliosCam's wireless connectivity, along with its self-sufficient power supply system, HeliosCam is a security camera right out of the box.

HeliosCam also supports you to DIY its installation location, whether it is indoor, outdoor, street, farm, ranch, etc. HeliosCam is the best choice for you.

Traditional security cameras are either by mounting 2-3 cameras in one location, or require constant rotation of the camera to achieve a 360Β° view. The first way is costly as well as troublesome to install. The second way leads to inconsistent video - if the activity occurs in the opposite direction of the camera, it cannot be monitored.

To address this pain point, HeliosCam combines the latest technology from their R&D team to seamlessly integrate the three cameras - not with a housing that holds the three cameras together, but with algorithms that truly integrate them into one, yet in each role.

The HeliosCam App will present you with real-time panoramic surveillance video, and also supports you to view individual views of each camera. HeliosCam can intelligently capture every detail for you, without any manual control or tedious work.

Frame your home's yard on your phone screen so HeliosCam knows that this is the home it needs to protect. This is HeliosCam's virtual fence feature.

All you need to do is simply outline the areas you need to monitor on your phone screen, and set the smart event triggering mechanism. Let HeliosCam protect the areas you need to protect, and also let you see only what you need to see.

HeliosCam can recognize your license plate. Once you register your license plate to HeliosCam's database, you can choose to have HeliosCam protect it, or you can choose to make your car a VIP user: come and go as you please, without triggering any alert mechanism.

HeliosCam's three built-in cameras are all Sony CMOS sensors, and gives you 3 Γ— 3840 x 2160 = 3 Γ— 4K Ultra HD picture quality. There will always be a moment when the HD quality of the image will make a difference. That's why they've equipped HeliosCam with a full line-up of 4K cameras - to guarantee video quality at all times.

Night vision - clear and invisible. HeliosCam is equipped with a PIR Sensor in each camera position, which will automatically switch to night vision monitoring for all-around coverage once the night comes.

HeliosCam is equipped with a Sony CMOS high-sensitivity sensor, so even at night when ambient light is low - colour video can be recorded.

In addition, they have equipped HeliosCam with three spotlights - in total darkness, when HeliosCam detects human movement, it will immediately light up in white - not only to ensure a colour shot, but also to serve as a warning.

Wireless connections have many benefits, such as no wiring required, no worries about ageing wiring, or lightning strikes that could damage the entire system.

HeliosCam's panoramic view and wireless connectivity allow for a real minimalist installation - one place needs ONE security camera only.

The home base has an integrated alarm speaker also. You can receive instant alarm notifications when you're at home, but your phone isn't with you.

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