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HAVA MUG - The Most Advanced Self-heating Smart Mug

HAVA MUG - The Most Advanced Self-heating Smart Mug

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πŸ† HAVA MUG - The Most Advanced Self-heating Smart Mug


🎯 Keep coffee or tea at your desired temperature for up to 2 hours | simply swipe on the mug to adjust

HAVA Mug is a small team with a shared passion for great coffee and tea. They believe the perfect hot drink is not only the combination of high-quality ingredients and careful technique, but also the opportunity for something more: a meaningful social connection.

Your coffee or tea often gets cold in just a few minutes, and when you put a lid on it to try to keep it hot, you block the aroma and compromise on the entire experience. This is where technology can come into play. The team is passionate about beautiful design, careful in their use of advanced technology, and has a persistent eye on their end goal: a great cup of coffee or tea.

The 10-ounce mug holds a standard medium pour which means it is the perfect size for your cup holder or for use with an at-home coffee maker like a Keurig or Nespresso.

The inside of the mug is made of high-quality ceramic to keep the contents at the perfect temperature. This is the best material for hot liquids. The exterior of the mug is made from a premium synthetic polymer which keeps the exterior at a temperature that is comfortable to hold.

HAVA Mug is easily charged on an included charging coaster with a lithium battery. A single charge can provide nearly two hours of heating depending upon elevation and air temperature.

While on the charging coaster, the mug can reach a simmering temperature that is perfect for brewing tea, while simultaneously charging the mug’s battery. If you keep your mug on the coaster, your mug will stay heated for the entire day.

The mug continuously monitors the temperature of the liquid inside and heats it to a user-specified temperature. Swipe your finger along the swipe sensor, embedded in the outside of the mug, to adjust the temperature up or down. The mug uses advanced temperature algorithms to learn your preferred drinking habits to better meet your needs.

A series of LEDs under the sensor give an indication of the current temperature setting so you can see where you have the temperature set.

HAVA Mug is the only smart mug that doesn’t FORCE you to use an app. It is the only self-heating mug with a touch option AND a mobile app control option.

Within the mobile app, you can:
● Set the temperature;
● Display the current temperature;
● Set a time for tea to brew;
● Receive a notification when your tea is ready to drink.

● Mug weight: 1lb (475 grams);
● Charging coaster weight: 120 grams;
● Total combined weight: 595 grams.

Cleaning method:
● Hand-wash only (because of the lithium battery inside). It can be submerged for cleaning.

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