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GOOVIS LITE - Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema

GOOVIS LITE - Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema

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πŸ† GOOVIS LITE - Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema


🎯 Vivid Display Quality | Dual 2K Micro-OLED | 53 PPD & 4523PPI | Distortion -1.5% | 600" Giant Screen | Eye Strain Relief | Smartphone Companion.

53 PPD (Pixel Per Degree) now is the highest number in the industry. LITE breaks through the ultimate edge and takes it to the next high level. Clear to every edge! With 9 times more dense image than Apple iPhone 12 Pro display (3 times more than other HMD), 2.1 million (1920*1080) pixels crammed into a 0.49 inch (1.2cm), all you will see is a totally higher.

Optics is key to a head-mounted display. Most headsets use a single lens (fresnel lens) or aspherical lens, so the distortion is above 15% or even higher. GOOVIS LITE leads a minimum of 10 times lower and makes the color difference within several micrometers thanks to the highest standard lens design, processing and assembly.

600 inches on-the-go virtual screen turns anywhere into your private premium theater with a wide 42Β° field of view at any time.

2,000,000:1 explosive contrast ratio makes every detail of an image stand out vastly! GOOVIS LITE feeds your eyes with a crystal-clear picture with more saturated and vibrant colors without making you feel any eye strain or fatigue.

Dive into your immersive journey with GOOVIS Cast without carrying tangled wires and power supplies! The integrated exclusive Type-C reinforced power supply design with the GOOVIS Powerbank Base: No power cables are needed anymore.

2.4G+5G Dual Band Technology features large bandwidth, anti-interference. GOOVIS Wireless Cast supports 802.11 ac protocol, which guarantees the fluent dual-band switch according to the signal strength.

GOOVIS LITE delivers a higher brightness level and contrast ratio, much wider color gamut, more stable without any luminance decay issues: better performance with twice longer life span.

GOOVIS LITE with Cast is versatile across platforms like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows conveniently compatible with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, console, set-top box.

With GOOVIS LITE, you don’t even wear your glasses when playing games, watching movies… Have more fun in a more painless way, it's just that easy. Customized diopter adjustable lenses with ultra-high display accuracy of +3D Hyperopia to -8D Myopia eliminate double vision, bad contrast or any dizziness!

β–Ί GOOVIS LITE - Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema

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