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GODVIEW - Lightest 5K AR/MR Smart Glasses For All Devices

GODVIEW - Lightest 5K AR/MR Smart Glasses For All Devices

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πŸ† GODVIEW - Lightest 5K AR/MR Smart Glasses For All Devices


🎯 GodView Transforms All Media Contents To Private 300" Immersive Experience Anytime & Anywhere. PHONE, SWITCH, PS5, XBOX, PC/MAC, DRONE.

GodView Launches 5K Super Waveguide MR Glasses That Redefines The Portable Multimedia Visual Experience.

GodView announced the launch of their innovative new 5K Super Waveguide MR glasses. With Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, 300 inch virtual screen, and an incredibly lightweight design, GodView delivers a totally immersive portable multimedia visual experience.

GodView is a revolutionary solution that delivers an extradimensional experience for multimedia. These 5K MR glasses connect wirelessly via 5G to cast any content onto a stunning high definition 300 inch virtual screen without ghosting, graininess, or optical grating, allowing visual details that can’t be seen with typical displays or headsets.

The virtual display features binocular 110-degree wide field of view (FOV) that naturally merges virtual enhancements into the real-world for incredibly immersive multimedia, gaming, and productivity that is compatible with smartphones, laptops, desktops, and game consoles.

The GodView design is like no other augmented reality headsets or glasses available on the market. They weigh just 55g by eliminating the heavy on-board battery and processor of typical headsets and by utilizing the Super Waveguide optical solution made of lightweight resin. They resemble stylish sunglasses in size and weight while providing a totally private cinematic experience.

The glasses use a compact Wi-Fi 6 bridge power supply that can work continuously for over 4 hours, to wirelessly cast multimedia to the virtual display for the ultimate high definition visual experience at home or on the go.
The glasses are also capable of myopia adaptability and can self-tune clarity for myopia of -8~0D, which means near-sighted users can see clearly and comfortably without wearing contact lenses or their everyday glasses.

The GodView 5K Super Waveguide MR Glasses are transforming the way users experience visual multimedia. They are a game-changer for personal mobile cinema, gaming and productivity and are stylish and ultra-portable.

β–Ί GODVIEW - Lightest 5K AR/MR Smart Glasses For All Devices

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