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FREESIXD – Worldβ€˜s First Full Body Gym That Fits In A Bag

FREESIXD – Worldβ€˜s First Full Body Gym That Fits In A Bag

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πŸ† FREESIXD – Worldβ€˜s First Full Body Gym That Fits In A Bag


🎯 Sling Trainer, Resistance Bands & Exercise Bar In One! Sets Up In Less Than 1 Minute. Full-Body Workout. Anywhere. Anytime

An ultraportable sling and resistance trainer for a full-body workout indoors or outdoors. Train with over 100 exercises without having to go to a gym.

FREESIXD is your portable full-body gym that allows you to work out at home, outdoors or when travelling! All with one device that fits in a small bag.

FREESIXD gives you 100% flexibility to work out anywhere and anytime you want. Skip the gym and train at home, in the park, backyard, on vacation, in a hotel room while travelling or anywhere else.

● Home: Save time and money and work out at home using the wall or door.

● Travel: Maintain your health during travelling and avoid the ill-equipped hotel gyms.

● Outdoors: Enjoy a workout at your favourite location in the fresh air instead of a stuffy gym.

FREESIXD is much more than just a sling trainer. It's basically a portable, full-body gym in a bag.

Height Adjustable - The attachment of FREESIXD is not only fixed at the top, but is stepless height-adjustable, so you can adjust the buckle to your desired height and train from all possible angles.

Full-body Portable Gym: It's a combination of a sling trainer, resistance bands and an exercise bar which allows many more exercises and strength levels than a sling trainer.

FREESIXD is probably THE most versatile fitness device on the market. You can do over 100 exercises and it helps to build and tone muscle efficiently. Get stronger, fitter and lose weight without having to go to the gym.

FREESIXD replaces the gym and allows you to do an effective full-body workout. Train all muscle groups, get fit, strong and build the body you have always wanted.

FREESIXD offers you endless possibilities with over 100 different exercises for your upper and lower body, all in one device. It's basically a complete bodyweight training system that fits into a portable bag.

Are you a personal trainer?
Then FREESIXD is just the right fit for you. You can attach several FREESIXD's on a tree and host awesome outdoor group workout sessions. Your clients will love you for it!

The nylon superbelt is plugged in within seconds into the adapters on the wall, tree or door, tighten it by hand and you are ready to go. It enables you to move the buckle up and down for all different heights. Isn't that cool?

β–Ί FREESIXD – Worldβ€˜s First Full Body Gym That Fits In A Bag

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