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FORMART 2 - The Most Advanced Modern Desktop Vacuum Former

FORMART 2 - The Most Advanced Modern Desktop Vacuum Former

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πŸ† FORMART 2 - The Most Advanced Modern Desktop Vacuum Former


🎯 Powered by industrial pumps. A comprehensive material database. The Formart 2 allows anyone to make molds, shells, packaging and more!

MY YARD launched the FORMART 1 at 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and has been well-received in Asian markets. To date, MY YARD has shipped hundreds of units of the FORMART 1 to customers that include schools, micro-enterprises, and design studios. This year, MY YARD is introducing the FORMART 2 which builds on the original in several key ways, including advanced heating, real-time temperature sensing, and industrial-level suction control technology.

The FORMART 2 packs industrial-grade vacuum forming into a unit suitable for homes, offices, and workshop spaces. Perfect for everything from creating architectural models, to molds for desserts, to industrial design prototypes. Largest forming area of any desktop vacuum former on the market. Fully-featured yet easy to use - suitable for both professionals and beginners alike.

With traditional molding machines, producing a small number of plastic parts is time-consuming, costly, and takes up a lot of space. Now, with the FORMART 2, your ideas can be brought to life anywhere, anytime, at a fraction of the cost!

The dual brushless cooling fans instantly bring down the temperature while a reversing valve transfers the air pressure towards the mold to help being released.

Comes with a QR scanner and preloaded with a complete parameter database. Once the thermoplastic with QR code is loaded in place, it’ll line up with the scanner, and the optimal parameters will be automatically entered into the system. FORMART 2 even includes preset parameters for up to 16 different types of materials (PLA, FPC, TPU, PET, PETG, HIPS, PS, PE, HDPE, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, KYDEX, PSU).

Equipped with carbon fiber heating elements encased in quartz, FORMART 2 promises 3 times the lifespan compared to your average tungsten filament, as well as over 90% thermal efficiency, giving you the most evenly distributed heating surface on any desktop-grade vacuum former, resulting in zero-defect production.

The FORMART 2’s forming bed is three times bigger than those found on other desktop units, meaning users can either form particularly large or bulky objects, or create multiple smaller forms in one go. This is particularly useful for small business operators who make handmade products in bulk, as it allows them to create multiple forms in a single pressing. Furthermore, the size of the forming bed can be adjusted based on the needs of the user, reducing plastic wastage.

The FORMART 2 was designed from the beginning with the ease of maintenance in mind. Thanks to its modular design, the FORMART 2 is able to perform a self-check every time it’s being turned on. When an error is detected, the display will indicate the faulty module. All you need to do is to remove that module and send it back to us for repair.

3D printers are awesome on their own. With the FORMART 2, it opens up even greater possibilities to endless creative designs. 3D print your piece, place it on the form bed and start replicating shapes in seconds.

β–Ί FORMART 2 - The Most Advanced Modern Desktop Vacuum Former

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