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FLIPPACK - Still Unrivaled Now With An Innovative Mag-system

FLIPPACK - Still Unrivaled Now With An Innovative Mag-system

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πŸ† FLIPPACK - Still Unrivaled Now With An Innovative Mag-system


🎯 KORIN team pursues the ultimate product design and unique inventiveness to make every backer...

It’s not every day you come across a carry as well-thought-out and functional as the FlipPack and if you’ve been striving for something that fits in with your ever-changing needs, you'll be right at home here.

The specialists at Korin Design have made another creative backpack which includes speedy access attractive side pockets and a slick moderate external shell developed from waterproof texture.

It has a folding construction, and it is produced using a waterproof texture, so it will confront whatever Mother Nature can toss at you during your open air experiences.

Different provisions of the Korin backpack incorporate "outstanding security", RFID impeding, stowed away attractive back pocket, air cell ties for additional solace and a folding construction permitting you to handily store the backpack when it isn't needed.

When of the stand-apart components of the plan is the attractive conclusion side pockets, which adds an entirely different dynamic to the look, feel and usefulness of this convey.

The Korin FlipPack is ergonomically planned so most of its weight sits on the hips and waist, and it has a covered up, speedy access RFID blocking pocket on the strap which is the perfect place to store your wallet while investigating another town or city interestingly.

There is space for basically all that you're probably going to require during a day out in the city and regardless of whether this is camera gear, a PC or simply some food and drink for refuelling, the FlipPack has you covered.

The Korin Design group has some expertise in giving creative answers for clients of 3C electronic items, fashion products, and intelligent equipment companies.

They have been the beneficiary of the Germany IF Award, Red Dot Award, and in excess of 40 worldwide plan grants.

They have created and designed for varied enterprises, from consumer research and product-line planning to the integrated service model of market introduction design.

Quality materials guarantee the unsurpassable presentation of this tasteful convey from Korin, and it's not difficult to comprehend why it has demonstrated so famous over on Kickstarter. Accessible at an incredible cost at the present time and with the kind of flexible exhibition only here and there found in a backpack.

β–Ί FLIPPACK - Still Unrivaled Now With An Innovative Mag-system

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