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F100 - The Versatile Everyday Flashlight And Power Bank

F100 - The Versatile Everyday Flashlight And Power Bank

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πŸ† F100 - The Versatile Everyday Flashlight And Power Bank


🎯 High powered 1000 lumens. Fast charging. Charges your phone. Uniquely versatile mounting system. Magnetic lanyard. Anodized metal

The F.100 is a versatile and powerful flashlight built from the ground up for your next adventure - high-powered 1000 lumens CREE LED, fast charging enabled, magnetic lanyard, and an adaptable mounting system, the F.100 is the sort of torch you can take with you anywhere.

Unique, yet familiar: they've put a lot of work into making the F.100 fit your life, from carrying it in your bag, to looping it on a belt, to hanging it in your tent. It can throw out 1000 lumens to light up your night, charge itself quickly and even charge your tech.

Phone about to die? No charger around? How often does that happen to us all...

The F.100 can charge your phone and get you out of trouble. Camping, driving, or just about town, you can rest assured you have your power needs covered.

Equipped with a USB-C port under the tail cap, it delivers a 5V 1A supply to your tech.

It also comes with a 2600mAh, rechargeable battery which can be swapped out. Need more capacity? Just bring along another battery - a great way to customize your charging needs.

The latest innovation in fast-charging technology, Power Delivery, lets you charge your flashlight's battery 50% in 30 minutes. No longer do you have to wait hours. Even when you forget to charge before your trip, a quick top up can get you out of trouble.

The F.100 is paired with an intuitive magnetic mounting system, powered by strong rare-earth neodymium magnets. The holder easily snaps onto any steel surface, making the F.100 at home, from the fridge to the workshop shelves.

But that's not all!

They've made a handlebar mount for all you cyclists out there. With a matching neodymium magnet, attaching your newly minted bike light is as simple as dropping it into place.

Turning your night into day comes from the high-powered CREE XP-L V6 LED. This powerhouse delivers 1000 lumens at the touch of a button.

Every F.100 comes with a unique magnetic lanyard, giving you the freedom to carry the way you want. Made from 550-paracord, it's magnetic bead allows you to quickly connect to everything from belts to bags.

Need some directional light? Slide the lanyard up the body to point the light where you need it. Thumb activated, anti roll and tail stand all in one.

Easily cycle through your light modes with the push of your thumb and when you lay it down you don't need to worry about it rolling away. The lanyard design stops any accidental rolls and the flat end also allows you stand it up vertically (perfect for those times when you want some reflective illumination)

The F.100 is rated to IPX6, which gives you all you need for the everyday challenges of life. Dirt, dust, water and mud are no match. Simply wash your torch clean at the end of an adventure (no need to worry as it can handle momentary immersions)

Hard-anodizing creates a corrosion-resistant surface with a hardness of high-strength steel which does not chip, flake or peel... in short, tough as nails.

The F.100 will be launching in 3 colour options: black, silver and orange.

Are you ready to get on board and pre-order your F.100? Select the pledge that best suits you, and they'll take it from there. Remember, all colour selections will be available on your backer survey when they release it soon after the campaign ends.

β–Ί F100 - The Versatile Everyday Flashlight And Power Bank

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