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DRIVESLIDE - Where Laptop Meets Accessory

DRIVESLIDE - Where Laptop Meets Accessory

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πŸ† DRIVESLIDE - Where Laptop Meets Accessory


🎯 Where Laptop Meets Accessory

Finally - a hassle-free way to organize your laptop accessories.

The easy-to-use design with the adhesive backing is friendly enough to stick to any and all electronics.

Cleans easily when removed.

Laptops are meant to be mobile, but quickly become anchored or annoying once you have a hard drive plugged in.

DriveSlide keeps you mobile, no matter what and gives all your external laptop accessories a place to live.

The DriveSlide Lock is designed to be thin enough to adhere to your laptop and easily fits into your laptop case while being durable enough to withstand the weight of your accessory.

The DriveSlide Key fits in any hard drive case - no need to remove the Key from your accessory.

The Key's adhesive back attaches onto your accessory with ease and secures your accessory to the back of your laptop.

β–Ί DRIVESLIDE - Where Laptop Meets Accessory

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