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DOBOT MG400 - Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

DOBOT MG400 - Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

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πŸ† DOBOT MG400 - Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot


🎯 Build your robot applications with an industrial-grade desktop robot

The MG400 is a lightweight desktop robot with a footprint smaller than a piece of A4 paper. Engineered to be lightweight, user-friendly and safe, MG400 can be easily integrated into any production line or lab bench, making it universally accessible and affordable. Because of its cost and capabilities, MG400 thrives in applications with small-scale production, laboratory automation, research and development.

DOBOT MG400 is made for small and mid-sized businesses that have to deal with seasonal demands and high degrees of customization. This industrial-grade, compact robot can adapt to short-run productions seamlessly and customers can use it to automate processes including testing touch screen, loading and unloading parts, dispensing, quality inspection, etc.

With a 190mm (7.48 inches) Γ—190mm(7.48 inches) footprint, the robot is lightweight enough to carry in a backpack, and compact enough to sit on a desk or workbench as well as alongside an existing production line or cell, offering you full flexibility across your business.

To maximize MG400’s potential as a productivity tool, professional and reliable performance has been made the top priority since the beginning of the design process.

Key features include:

● Professional Hardware: MG400 has a controller design based on Linux real-time system, and makes use of the most advanced 1-to-4 servo drive technology.

● High Precision: All axes use low-voltage DC servo motors with high-precision absolute position encoders, and mechanical transmission parts with low backlash. All these put MG400 in a superior position to produce repeatability up to Β±0.05mm.

● Lasting Durability: they’ve rigorously tested MG400 to ensure is built with a service life of more than 12,000h (10 hours per day over 3 years).

With safety as its core, MG400 adopts an advanced collision detection algorithm with a collision force threshold less than 12N. The robot stops immediately when it touches an obstacle, putting it in the same league as the world’s best cobots.

MG400 is compatible with a range of other technologies, making it suitable for advanced and complex applications. With the support of TCP/IP and MODBUS TCP, the robot can be connected to a wide range of technologies.

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