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DOACE - Fascia Gun With EMS Electric Pulse Massage

DOACE - Fascia Gun With EMS Electric Pulse Massage

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πŸ† DOACE - Fascia Gun With EMS Electric Pulse Massage


🎯 EMS Therapy with 5 deep tissue massage modes | U-shaped design for better grip | Massager gun with 20 gears.

DOACE redefines the conventional design of massage guns by implementing ergonomic features for a better grip and control. Besides that, we implement two different massage relieving technology into one device. By combining percussion therapy and EMS therapy, it's able to effectively remove muscle soreness and improve muscle recovery.

It's redefines the shape of massager guns with a unique β€œU” shaped design. This structure is easier to hold when used single-handedly hand. When using it on the back, it can be held with both hands for precise vertical strength. When percussion mode is on, the vertical moves relaxes your muscles.

There are electrode pads on the handles on both sides of DOACE. You can feel the massage function of EMS by holding the handle. It can effectively massage from the small hand muscles to the arm muscles. This kind of massage is very gentle and will not harm muscles, it's suitable for muscle rehabilitation.

DOACE EMS has 15 gear options. You can choose the intensity according to the body's adaptability to EMS and the depth of exercise. In addition to the EMS technology on both sides of the handle, there are also EMS patches.

Also it has EMS patches, which you can apply to any part of your body for massage without affecting other things.

Whether you’re looking for a deep tissue massage or to relieve soreness, DOACE massage gun is the ideal device for you. It comes with a powerfulmotor of 1800-40000rpm, it has 20 gears with adjustable settings to suit all kinds of users. Besides that, the design of the massage gun gives you flexibility to target your muscle at any angle and reduce muscle tension.

The EMS mode is suitable for all sorts of users in different environment settings. The mode is adjustable to meet your needs along with total 15 modes available. The biggerthe gear mode, the higher the EMS.

DOACE massage gun comes with 9 massage heads. Each massage head has its own distinctive function for different muscle group.

While in percussion massage mode, a fully charge DOACE massage gun allows you to deeply massage your muscles for 4 hours straight. The EMS mode allows 25 hours usage.

β–Ί DOACE - Fascia Gun With EMS Electric Pulse Massage

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