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DO-OP - The Cool And Unexpected Magnetic Holder

DO-OP - The Cool And Unexpected Magnetic Holder

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πŸ† DO-OP - The Cool And Unexpected Magnetic Holder


🎯 A useful accessory in your everyday life, clean and safe as face mask holder

do-op is a stylish, cool, and useful magnetic holder. Designed to better manage your daily life in a cleaner and safer way.

do-op is quick and easy to use, even with one hand. It lets you enjoy your time while you need to be hands free.

do-op is reliable, with its magnetic force and its trustworthy grip will let you easily manage most everyday objects, and you’ll discover endless ways of using it.

do-op keeps your face mask away from dust and bacteria that crowd into pocket or dirty surfaces. It lets you manage your mask in a clean and safe way while you are hands-free. You'll be able to manage your everyday objects in relax, knowing that your mask is always within your reach.

Anywhere, anytime, anything: do-op can be useful in many circumstances, where, how, and when you don’t expect it. Keep it with you, it will hold your things when you need to be hands-free, while you’re jogging, working, playing an instrument, relaxing, or just busy doing something else...

Keep do-op always with you. A simple movement of your fingers, easy like a snap-shot, allows you to take advance of its useful magnetic power. You'll enjoy do-op using it in so many circumstances in your daily life.

Its design has been suggested from daily life needs. The goal was to design something very simple but effective, easy and fast to use, as flexible tool that people can use in many different situations. This is do-op!

The magnetic force of do-op was carefully designed to deal with most everyday objects so that you can enjoy endless ways of using it.

The secret of its stunning performance lies in these materials produced by vacuum sintering. do-op embeds the best of the Neodymium-Iron-Boron modern technology.

Not just the design, but also the materials used for do-op are Made in Italy. They selected 2 options of materials, keeping in mind the goal to combine innovative design and a reliable grip for multiple occasions of use.

They chose a synthetic, stretch resistant fabric, available in 4 colors, and an elegant, premium finish leather strap that gives a touch of exclusivity and elegance to your do-op.

β–Ί DO-OP - The Cool And Unexpected Magnetic Holder

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