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CULLA BLANKET BY CRUA - The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket

CULLA BLANKET BY CRUA - The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket

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πŸ† CULLA BLANKET BY CRUA - The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket


🎯 A Graphene-infused, lightweight, water-resistant, tear-resistant outdoor blanket. By the creators of your favourite outdoor Kickstarters

At Crua, they know the outdoors. Their designs are built with the crowd and honed over countless hours. Design. Test. Tweak. Repeat. They’re never done.

The Culla Blanket is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures. It's lightweight, super-tough, has amazing warming properties, and can fulfil any need from a picnic blanket to a camping blanket or even a sleeping bag.

Culla Blanket uses recycled 30D Ripstop - a durable fabric woven using a special reinforcing technique that makes the fabric resistant to ripping and tearing. So twigs and branches don’t stand a chance.

And you might already know them. They create insulated tents for the outdoors, and now they’re bringing that technology to blankets.

With 9 successful Crowdfunding campaigns, more than $3.1M raised, and nearly 14K backers under the belt, they're still making awesome outdoor gear. And the Crua Culla Blanket is the newest addition to they Culla collection. They used the best materials and innovative technology to create the perfect outdoor accessory.

They focused on making this blanket the right size. Just big enough that you can snap it around your sleeping bag style, but not too big. However, if you want it bigger, you can connect as many as you want to make it as big as you need.

Derek, Crua's founder, grew up in Ireland, in a little townland that lies between the Sliabh Mish Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect for camping, so he did... a lot! Before mortgages and all those exciting things came along. Anyway, pre-Crua Outdoors he was a consultant to the insulation industry, and before that he worked as an engineering project manager. Everyone at Crua loves the outdoors - so everything about Crua is born out of their passion to make the outdoors experience better. Together with their colleagues based out of their North American office in Fort Collins, Colorado, they are delighted to bring you the revolutionary Crua Culla Blanket.

β–Ί CULLA BLANKET BY CRUA - The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket

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