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COZE MAT - The Next Generation Desktop Mat

COZE MAT - The Next Generation Desktop Mat

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by Guss Ciaomarkets

πŸ† COZE MAT - The Next Generation Desktop Mat


🎯 A MAT with modular design, omni-device stand, wireless charging, and flexible layout. It's your next desktop mat

When we talk about a proper desktop mat, what comes into your mind?

A comfortable one that blends in your work/life environment, while tidying things up a bit for you, right? COZE MAT offers next-gen desk mat experience.

It has everything you need from traditional 2D mat, while activating for all your daily gadgets where they belong, making your desktop a 3D work/life environment.

Normal desk mat got comfortable padding for your hands and gadgets on a flat surface, but have you ever thought of how you react with your own stuff?

Apart from being a larger mousepad, the swappable zone also comes with three more ingredients on the dish: the POWER STAND, the BOX, and the CLIP. The POWER STAND module offers wireless charging+wearable charging dock+backstand, the BOX works as a gadget container, and the CLIP keeps your memos with magnetic dots.

Most of the time, you sit on your desk with some things at hand, whether its working or studying. They seem to interact with you awkwardly: laptops won't follow the height of your sight, books won't help you read with softer neck, and drawing requires more attention to your muscle movements for smooth touch on a total flat surface.

The convertible design hides in a single-flap body, minimizing its existence when you just want a blank space to rest your arms on.

Rebuilding your desktop with architecture also means we have to think from the ergonomic perspective, every device must be natural to place, look, and use on the stand at most heights of a desk. They chose a rather wide-angle selection aiming for the best adaptivity. We sit in a motion, that is why the angle should be a motion too, not just static number.

It's a bit geeky, but that's how ergonomics should really work.

The key size limit for the mat is usually at its width---you might not have such wide table for both sides to work. That is why they made the mat foldable for one or even both sides to fit your personal setup.

That is why they are also introducing the POWER STAND; the one that not only powers, but also lifts up your phone so that you get to use them correctly while they are recharging. It's THE THINGS you want when sitting by the desk.

β–Ί COZE MAT - The Next Generation Desktop Mat

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