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COINTICKR - Real-Time Crypto Ticker Powered By Coinstats

COINTICKR - Real-Time Crypto Ticker Powered By Coinstats

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🏆 COINTICKR - Real-Time Crypto Ticker Powered By Coinstats


🎯 FREE 24/7 Live Pricing | Zero Ongoing Fee | Zero Latency | Instant Alerts |Track 20,000+ Cryptocurrencies & FIAT | IP67 Water Resistant

CoinTickr is the only dedicated physical display with over 20,000 cryptos to track in over 300 exchanges.

From your desk, kitchen counter, fridge door, or swimming pool - you’ll never miss the next trip to the moon.

Enjoy 24/7 zero-latency live pricing completely free with no fees and no subscription needed for a lifetime!

It is tough staying on top of your crypto. There can be a big jump any second, and you just can’t afford to miss it. Checking your phone has become second nature. Almost every free moment you have is used to check your crypto. At work, at home, even on your commute.

It can get overwhelming, and become an unhealthy obsession.

The perfect solution for those who are constantly looking up prices of cryptocurrencies on their phone. It's a physical crypto-ticker display that sits right in front of you, giving you instant access to prices at all times without having to do anything else!

You got enough on your plate, don’t let checking on your assets distract you from the important task at hand.

Seconds could make the difference. Stay on top of alerts that could get lost in the sea of phone notifications with Cointickr’s Price Alerts.

CoinTickr lets you schedule up to 5 price alerts. The lights flash and the alarm goes off. Now you know when the next trip to the moon is.

CoinTickr is that minimalist, perfected, does-one-thing-and-does-it-amazingly gadget that lets you put price-checking out of your mind.

It sits quietly - well, not too quietly - on your desk or bedside, combining the 3 core features that any crypto HODLer ever needs:

● Price alert lights - Green or Red - to indicate ups & downs in the market.
● A preferred crypto/currency or FIAT/currency tracker pair.
● Adjustable timeframes to see hourly/daily/weekly/monthly fluctuations.

Each CoinTickr is designed to be a dedicated device for a single crypto.

CoinTickr has a magnetic case that makes it possible to easily mount onto any metallic surface. It has magnets on either side so you can create a chain to show a range of cryptos and keep your desk neat and organized.

1 hour, 1 Day, 1 week, or month - choose the timeframe when you want to track the exchange price statistics.

The CoinTickr App makes setup a breeze. Just choose your exchange, cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and interval timeframe. You can also choose how quickly you want your display to update - 1, 5, 30, or 60 seconds.

To setup your alerts, just choose up to five price points to set off the lights and alarm.

Keep track of your cryptocurrency growth at any time. CoinTickr houses an energy-saving OLED screen that has lower power consumption, no backlight, a true black background, an anti-glare screen, and zero latency response time.

CoinTickr is based on CoinStats crypto and FIAT databases, allowing you to easily choose among Bitcoin or Altcoins, Fiat rates, exchanges and have them all in front of you.

CoinTickr OS is powered with OTA (Over-The-Air) automatic firmware update features, so you can keep your CoinTickr regularly updated with new features and improvements, completely hassle-free.

Don’t let opportunity catch you off guard. Use it while cooking, taking a shower, or relaxing at the swimming pool.

CoinTickr was developed in partnership with CoinStats, one of the world’s leading crypto portfolio management platforms.

Whether it's your friend's birthday or you simply want to make them happy, they deserve the best. And what can be a better gift for a crypto enthusiast than a good ticker!

► COINTICKR - Real-Time Crypto Ticker Powered By Coinstats

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