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CLEANSEBUD - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

CLEANSEBUD - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

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🏆 CLEANSEBUD - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner


🎯 Portable, reusable pod that quickly makes an organic, all-natural sanitizer and cleaner with just ordinary salt and water!

We are living in unprecedented times. The world health crisis we are going through teaches us a painful lesson on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Whether it is the shortage of traditional cleaners caused by panic buying and low supply or traveling in or to a place where cleaners are hard to get, an easy, homemade alternative puts anyone in a much safer position.

CleanseBud is another revolutionary portable product launched by The CleanseBot Team after the groundbreaking bacteria-killing robot. With just two common household ingredients - water and salt - an effective disinfectant can be easily created by CleanseBud through the process of electrolysis. Because of its easy recipe and portability, you’re able to take care of disinfection anywhere you go.

CleanseBud is a portable, reusable pod that takes water, normal table salt, and the process of electrolysis and creates an organic, all-natural hand and surface cleaner. The working principle of CleanseBud is to electrolyze salt and water in the product to produce sodium hypochlorite for disinfection.

Electrolysis is the safe and easy way to produce sodium hypochlorite (NaClO).

Where ordinary salt = sodium chloride (NaCl), water = H20.

Chemical equation: NaCl + H2O + ELECTROLYSIS ⇒ NaCIO + H2.

With its small size, CleanseBud easily fits into your pocket or bag to take anywhere. CleanseBud’s disinfectant solution is 100% natural and organic, and the device itself is reusable many times. The solution is non-corrosive and non-toxic, and CleanseBud’s cleaning and disinfecting solution effectively kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

CleanseBud provides different concentration options for various use scenarios, which are detailed in the user manual. Create a low concentration solution for hand sanitizer, medium for surfaces and door handles, and high concentration for cleaning areas like bathrooms.

In one CleanseBud package, backers receive one CleanseBud device, a type-C charging cable, and a user manual. The original CleanseBud tank holds 30ml water, but if you’re wanting a larger volume, CleanseBud also offers an optional 100ml water tank that fits the same device as an add-on element.

CLEANSEBUD - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner