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CELLINGS - EMS Leggings For Muscle Toning & Soreness Recovery

CELLINGS - EMS Leggings For Muscle Toning & Soreness Recovery

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by Guss Ciao Markets

πŸ† CELLINGS - EMS Leggings For Muscle Toning & Soreness Recovery


🎯 Strategically placed Electrical Muscle Stimulation pads boost the intensity of lower body strength training & help relax muscle fibers.

Cellings is pair of unisex leggings that assists with muscle toning thanks to the effects of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology and special fabric. Although its effects are maximized when incorporated with a lower body exercise routine, we've upgraded it so that whether you're actively engaged in workouts or just out and about, you can benefit from Cellings any time, anywhere.

This leggings support and take care of 4 core body parts, which include the abdominal area, hip, and front / back thigh.

Cellings is designed to conduct frequency and waveform that is safe and capable to stimulate muscle. By shrinking and loosening muscle through direct stimulation, our EMS leggings can produce up to 4-10x better results.

There are 4 different modes - abdominal part – hip mode, front – back thigh mode, overall stimulus mode, and interval mode – that can be activated to stimulate specific muscle groups.

The EMS pads are made using pressed and sewed thin sponge-like materials and conductive silver fabric as well as flexible conductive code, which prevents the underlying material from protruding the surface.

NILON + SPANDEX high-density double-sided fabric provides smooth touch, excellent durability, fast sweat absorption, and quick-drying effects like cotton.

The inner fabric is flexible due to the (INNER) SHELRON + SPANNEDX high-density double-sided fabric and uses additional soft lightweight premium breathable fabric to absorb and dry sweat quickly.

Cellings is made of a blend of high-density double-sided SPANDEX, of which the thread is treated with a coating to have high specific heat capacity and help expel excess body heat during intense work out sessions.

β–Ί CELLINGS - EMS Leggings For Muscle Toning & Soreness Recovery

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