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CAT CLIMBER - The Ultimate Haven For Cats Worldwide

CAT CLIMBER - The Ultimate Haven For Cats Worldwide

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🏆 CAT CLIMBER - The Ultimate Haven For Cats Worldwide


🎯 Your cat needs this Cat Climber! This premium piece not only looks great in any home but also contributes to happier cats worldwide

Who doesn’t love seeing a group of cuddly kitties having a great time?
We for one can’t get enough of making cats around the world happy!

The Cat Climbers are designed to supply premium comfort for your cat whilst of course being fun to use! It’s pretty purr-fect if you ask us.

Designed to fit into any home décor. With features such as an overhang and rubber stoppers, the Cat Climber has been designed to suit any home setting.

Whilst the overhang considers features in your home such as skirting boards, the rubber stoppers prevent the climber rubbing against your walls and causing any damage.

The premium sisal carpet used for each climber gives extra grip for your purr-fect puss. The deep fibres in the carpet allow your cat to sink their claws into it, which helps them release endorphins.

The deep fibres in the carpet allow a firm grip so your kitty will have no trouble climbing up onto their cosy perch.

Many climbing posts out there do not actually allow your kitty to climb. By designing a wall like structure to climb, Cat Climber allows your cat to fully engage with their desire to climb to their heart's content.

Some of you may be wondering, what are the advantages of a Cat Climber? Well, the answer is simple. Compared to us hoo-mans, cats live in a vertical world. Your paw-some pal relies on elevated areas for safety, comfort and more importantly FUN!

Cat Climber gives your purr-fect puss an outlet for their climbing instincts. Unlike climbing posts already on the market, they’ve created something that will really make your cat purr for joy!

Each climber is engraved along both sides with paw-some pictures including cute kitties and purr-fect paws.

The sisal carpet used lasts 10 time longer than other cat posts out there on the market. Your Cat Climber certainly won’t unravel after one days of use!

Cat Climber was designed to fit into any home setting and to also protect your furniture in your home. Not only will your cat gain an outlet for their climbing instincts whilst increasing their well-being, but you are also gaining a stylish piece of furniture for your home that doesn’t take up lots of space! Pretty paw-some, right?

► CAT CLIMBER - The Ultimate Haven For Cats Worldwide

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