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CARDLAX 2.0 - Portable Massager That Fits In Your Wallet

CARDLAX 2.0 - Portable Massager That Fits In Your Wallet

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πŸ† CARDLAX 2.0 - Portable Massager That Fits In Your Wallet


🎯 The Thinnest Electric Card Massager Upgraded

With its small size and just 4.5mm thick, Cardlax allows you to relax and soothe yourself wherever you are. Put it in your pocket or wallet and stress will never be a problem again. Wireless Cardlax is your personal massager, whether you’re driving, traveling, or sitting at your desk. Cardlax is the portable massager for on-the-go!

Sitting for long periods of time has become an increasingly large problem for employees. You are more likely to experience neck, shoulder, arm, and back pain. Cardlax is a great option for portable, easy, and quick massaging to relieve stress and muscle tension in seconds. It is also small and discreet!

Cardlax now has 8 modes and 10 intensity levels, which mean more sensations and stimulations for your muscles. Use Cardlax anywhere on your body, such as your neck, shoulders, back, waist, calves, and thighs, and you will get the comfort you need - no matter where you are. Aside from easing your physical pains and mental stress, Cardlax can also enhance blood circulation and promotes sleep and well-being.

Cardlax2.0 is easy to operate and comes with connectable wires that enable you to relax two areas simultaneously. Take the small wire and connect it to the electrode plate, attach the washable gel pads to your body, power it on, and then press the β€œ+” button to increase intensity. If you want to change modes, simply press β€œM” to start a new stimulation.

While providing people with new options, Cardlax2.0 keeps its most popular previous feature - Wireless Mode. Wireless Cardlax allows you to receive massage sessions anywhere anytime. Relax and soothe your muscles anywhere.

This small credit-card-sized device only weighs 36 grams, and lasts 7.5 hours on one charge. One set of Cardlax comes with a card massager, 3 pairs of gel pads, a microUSB charging cable , and one gel pad extension wire. Additional gel pads can be ordered as add-ons through the Kickstarter campaign and are available after the campaign ends. Another highlight of Cardlax is that the gel pads are washable, making it more durable.

β–Ί CARDLAX 2.0 - Portable Massager That Fits In Your Wallet

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