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BUZZIES - Calming Bilateral Stimulation Wearables

BUZZIES - Calming Bilateral Stimulation Wearables

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πŸ† BUZZIES - Calming Bilateral Stimulation Wearables


🎯 Calming Bilateral Stimulation Wearables

Bumble BLS is an innovative new bilateral stimulation system designed for therapists to use with their clients during sessions, as well as for people of all ages to use for stress relief and emotional regulation at home.

Buzzies for Therapy & Play Therapy: In non-EMDR sessions, Buzzies can help clients regulate their emotions as they explore their windows of tolerance. Clients can also use Buzzies at home for resourcing or to help regulate the nervous system as a coping tool. With their wireless design, sand- and water-proof construction, and easy-to-clean material, Bumble BLS Buzzies are especially great for play therapists.

Children can keep them in their pockets during play therapy sessions to help them stay grounded as they process, or use them with our fun ladybug-shaped plush cases.

Buzzies at Home: Whether you are managing your own stress, or using them with your children during tantrums, bilateral stimulation with Buzzies promote emotional regulation. Buzzies offer unmatched convenience and versatility. Wear them on the included wristbands, or detach and stash them in your pockets or socks.

Plus, Buzzies can mount to any universal 18mm watch band. However you use them, Buzzies will be you and your family’s new go-to solution for natural calming.

β–Ί BUZZIES - Calming Bilateral Stimulation Wearables