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BOLD BY UZE - World’s Most Powerful 260w Graphene Power Bank

BOLD BY UZE - World’s Most Powerful 260w Graphene Power Bank

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🏆 BOLD BY UZE - World’s Most Powerful 260w Graphene Power Bank


🎯 27,000 mAh/100Wh, 2x USB-C 100 Watts + 2x USB A + 2x Wireless ports, in an Aluminium slim body

They are UZE, a team of passionate creators using the power of AI to design, conceptualize, and make products. They use premium materials to guarantee that everything they make is built to last.

BOLD has two USB–C 100 Watts input and output ports. Two USB–A ports, each can charge at a max speed of 40 Watts. The wireless pads can output 15 Watts for phones and 5 Watts for Apple watches. If you use Samsung watches, check their Stretch Goal.

A JOY TO USE – Each port is carefully labelled, and the two USB-C ports can be used for input and output charging. In simple terms, it doesn’t matter which USB-C port you use to charge BOLD, it will work.

Do you want to be "in charge"? Pun intended. BOLD's state-of-the-art LCD screen shows output per port, indicates wireless charging, and of course, the battery percentage remaining.

BOLD has a 27,000 mAh battery capacity and uses lithium polymer (LiPo) graphene composite batteries manufactured by Panasonic, guaranteeing quality. LiPo graphene is also longer lasting than old lithium batteries.

Embrace the future with up to 4x the battery life cycle!

All major brands, like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, One Plus, and devices like GoPro, digital cameras, Nintendo Switch, drones, and basically anything that uses USB charging technology.

The use of Programmable Power Supply (PPS) operating protocol gives BOLD the ability to control voltage and current at a granular level.

BOLD can charge all laptops via any of its 2 USB-C Ports.

They have a line of adapters for Dell, Microsoft Surface, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, ACER, MSI, Samsung, and much more. If your laptop is not listed, contact them… you’ll be surprised.

BOLD uses pass-through technology, allowing you to charge BOLD while it charges your devices. NEAT!

BOLD’s wireless pads are covered by tempered glass, making BOLD lighter and allowing it to cool faster. Their tempered glass is impact and scratch-resistant.

BOLD is made out of top quality aircraft grade anodized Aluminium. As a result, BOLD has excellent heat dissipation qualities and is lighter than traditional power banks.

They have reimagined every way you interact with your devices and added utility, power, and strength. BOLD takes up half the volume of traditional Power Banks; now you can have the highest capacity and output Power Bank without carrying a "brick".

BOLD is approved by all major and minor airlines internationally. The maximum airline safe battery capacity for TSA/EASA is 27,000mAh / 100Wh. Disclaimer: some Asian Airlines such as Air Asia have a maximum of 20,000mAh /74Wh.

They started by defining the Power Bank capabilities and features. The critical task was how to fit so much power into an easily portable body. Many iterations were necessary to find the perfect balance between battery size, PCB positioning, and an optically appealing design. The global chip shortage notably slowed down their prototyping efforts and forced them to revisit their design time and time again. The final result is the perfect compromise between portability and functionality.

They use premium materials and manufacturing processes to build products that last. BOLD and all accessories pass rigorous tests to achieve international certifications of safe use. Their products are tested for: Temperature, Charge/Discharge, Drop, Shaking Humidity, and Static.

Anywhere life takes you, BOLD won’t let you down.

► BOLD BY UZE - World’s Most Powerful 260w Graphene Power Bank

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