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BLUEBREATH - First AI-Powered Smart Mask

BLUEBREATH - First AI-Powered Smart Mask

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πŸ† BLUEBREATH - First AI-Powered Smart Mask


🎯 First AI-Powered Smart Mask

Bluebreath smart face mask provides you with high breathability, keeps you comfortable all around and supports your active life. Your body’s demand for oxygen increases 10x times while exercising. With on-demand excess air supply, the BlueBreath mask makes sure you get the right amount of oxygen in all situations.

The innovative micro ventilation system ensures a constant circulation of clean air. The upper air-inlet ventilation valves purify the air as you inhale and the lower air-outlet valves transport out the CO2 as you exhale. The Bluebreath’s enhanced ventilation system keeps the inside of the mask moisture-free and fresh.

The 5 layer replaceable nano-filter protect you from breathing even the smallest harmful particles: dust, pathogens, allergens, germs.

● Nano Fiber Filter: blocks harmful particles larger than 10 microns in diameter.
● Activated Carbon Filter: traps allergens, germs and chemicals in the air.
● HEPA Filter: blocks 99.97% of particles which are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger.
● Non Woven Filter: removes ultrafine dust, aerosols and viable organisms.
● Eco Scents Filter: makes your mask-wearing experience enjoyable and keeps you stress-less.

β–Ί BLUEBREATH - First AI-Powered Smart Mask

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