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BIOCLOCK - Smart Light Therapy Glasses

BIOCLOCK - Smart Light Therapy Glasses

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πŸ† BIOCLOCK - Smart Light Therapy Glasses


🎯 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

Bioclock is a smart light therapy glasses that suit anyone seeking for better sleep.

The frames are precisely made to suit an adult’s head, and it emits red and green light. The Green light inhibits secretion of melatonin and helps users stay alert, while the red light promotes the secretion of melatonin which stimulate sleepiness and encourage the body to produce more melatonin.

When the body release an exorbitant amount of melatonin, it induces better sleep. So during the day, users who use the green light therapy will feel more energetic. In the evening, using red light will make induce sleep and Improve sleep quality.

Bioclock is the ideal technological device that helps people suffering from sleep deprivation, work stress, fatigue, irregular menstruation, jet lag and insomnia to sleep well and resets the circadian rhythm without depending on medical drugs. Bioclock light therapy is one of the safest ways that helps to induce sleep.

Bioclock uses lithium batteries and micro USB cable for hassle-free charging. You could bring Bioclock anywhere and use it whenever you are. A full charge allows you to use Bioclock for 5 hours, which is equivalent to 10 sessions of light therapy. If you forgot to charge it, a quick 10 minute is sufficient for 30 minutes light therapy.

β–Ί BIOCLOCK - Smart Light Therapy Glasses