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AUTOBUFF - Handy Cordless Car Polisher For DIY Showroom Shine

AUTOBUFF - Handy Cordless Car Polisher For DIY Showroom Shine

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πŸ† AUTOBUFF - Handy Cordless Car Polisher For DIY Showroom Shine


🎯 Beginner-friendly dual-action | 3x 5” polishing pads for increased versatility | 3400-3800 OPM powerful, efficient buffing | Only 2.8lb

Polishing a car in an auto care center may cost you hundreds of dollars. AutoBuff saves you a lot of money since you are able to detail your car at home by yourself!

Autobuff is designed with delicate appearance, comfortable grip and easy operation which symbolized a combination of mechanical aesthetic and powerful performance.

Thanks to its ability to move orbitally and create dual operations, Autobuff is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to bring back their car’s original shine effortlessly without hurting the car paint.

A glowing and shining car always comes either at the cost of money or hours of time and energy. However, AutoBuff, unlike other standard rotary polishers, is much easier to control because of its dual-action movement, which means you can use it to remove the swirls and scratches easily with considerably less energy.

Whether you are a newbie, hobbyist or professional, anyone can use this cordless polisher efficiently and effortlessly!

Cordless design gives you much more freedom of movement than wired ones. Featuring a 4000mAh battery that lasts for 45 minutes, it enables you to polish your car without pesky cable and you can easily work on those off-angle and hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle such as the lower part of the bumpers.

The USB-C charging port is intended for a better portability which means you can virtually top up the buffer in your car with a USB-C cable.

Weighing at 2.8 pounds, AutoBuff is light enough for optimum maneuverability. In addition, it has a round handle for a convenient and comfortable grip so that you can easily move them at any angles when needed.

AutoBuff also has an optimum inner cooling system to avoid overheating.

AutoBuff allows you to select the speed by pressing the button on the top of the machine. It has a speed range of 3,400 to a 3,800 OPM.

The speed control of AutoBuff ensures that you don’t remove your car paint completely. There are safety speeds you can adjust during polishing as well as exchangeable different pads you can choose from.

AutoBuff comes with 3 pads which are of varying levels of coarseness. It is an ideal starter set for buffers of all experience levels.

In addition to your precious car, the dual-action AutoBuff is also ideal for polishing and buffing on cars, boats, marble surfaces, etc. It helps your big toys restore their former glory.

β–Ί AUTOBUFF - Handy Cordless Car Polisher For DIY Showroom Shine

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