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AUTHOR CLOCK - A Novel Way To Tell Time

AUTHOR CLOCK - A Novel Way To Tell Time

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🏆 AUTHOR CLOCK - A Novel Way To Tell Time


🎯 A modern clock that displays the time through unique literary quotes every minute - this is time-telling reimagined

Author Clock transforms checking the time into a whimsical event, transporting you into key moments in literature and writing history. Containing thousands of quotes from a diverse range of authors, Author Clock is a creative and inspiring way to tell time. If you love a good book and great story, this is the clock for you.

Author Clock contains over 2,000 quotes from authors spanning six centuries. Never have a dull moment, discover something new with every glance.

The large Author Clock was designed for your wall or bookshelf. It's readable from across the room, from 10 feet away.

The small Author Clock was designed for your desk. It's readable from across your desk, from 3 feet away.

Author Clock’s premium e-reader screen reads like paper and uses zero blue light. It has no glare even when faced with direct sunlight and won’t disturb your sleep because it is not overly bright at night.

Author Clock lets you leave its charger cable where it belongs - in the drawer. Just charge Author Clock once every 3 weeks for the small version, or every 2 months for the large, and you can freely display it anywhere you like without worrying about cable management.

They want to be responsible with the materials they’re consuming to create the Author Clock. For every clock purchased, they’ll plant a tree that will replace the wood used for our housing and may one day become the pages of your next favourite book.

Author will ship in a no-plastic packaging, to help ensure the packaging is easily recyclable and has minimal impact to the environment.

The Author Clock housing uses white oak sourced from forests with sustainable practices. They're also partnering with OneTreePlanted to plant one tree for every Author Clock sold.

The front Bezel is made of recycled ABS plastic, with every Author made they remove a little bit of plastic that was otherwise headed for a landfill. Black is the ideal colour for recycled plastics, since it allows more variety in the plastic used, and also looks wonderful with the white oak.

They’re the Author Clock team. Two years ago, they set out to create a unique clock that would help inspire people to read more and discover new authors and genres. They have had some great previous experiences with crowdfunding, both as backers and creators, which is why they're here today.

The Author Clock has been an idea in their heads for over six years now. After taking the plunge two year ago and deciding to go all in on making this clock a reality, I've rediscovered my old love of reading and that alone has made this whole project worth it.

► AUTHOR CLOCK - A Novel Way To Tell Time

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