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ARCLIGHT - Bike Pedals Stand Out Ride Safe

ARCLIGHT - Bike Pedals Stand Out Ride Safe

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🏆 ARCLIGHT - Bike Pedals Stand Out Ride Safe


🎯 Bio-Motion Enhanced Safety | 57% More Visible | Auto On/Off | Modular LEDs | Rugged & Waterproof

Staying visible is the best way to keep yourself safe on the bike. The Arclight Pedals amplify your biological motion, making you up to 57% more visible than standard bike lights. Powerful LEDs and long-lasting rechargeable batteries ensure you will stand out and stay safe even on your longest ride.

The unmistakable circular movement of the Arclight Pedals attracts the attention of motorists and pedestrians - instantly identifying you as a cyclist. Scientific studies performed by Clemson University and others show that adding bio-motion (motion that is associated with the natural movement of the human body) increases visibility by up to 57% compared to standard front/rear lights.

Standard bike lights are often difficult to distinguish from car lights, traffic lights, and building lights. The dynamic motion of the Arclight Pedals creates a unique visual signature, cutting through the visual clutter to maximize visibility and safety.

Standard bike lights are typically visible only from directly behind or in front of the bicycle; with limited visibility from the sides. The wraparound design of the Arclight LED modules illuminates every angle - providing 360° of protection. The lights also cast a unique glowing pattern on the ground as you pedal, creating a large light “footprint” that is uniquely noticeable from all directions.

Arclight’s SmartSet sensors turn the lights on automatically when you start riding, and turn off automatically when you park your bike. They’re on when you need them and off when you don’t.

The Arclight Pedals are packed with SmartSet sensors that dynamically change the LED colour depending on orientation, so you always have white forward and red rear.

The Arclight Modules have a built-in USB plug, so you can charge the Light Module with any standard USB charger, or charge all 4 together using the included hub.

The Pedals are made from rugged aluminium alloy and employ the same sealed bearings used in high-end MTB pedals. The Light Modules have been engineered to work reliably in all conditions. Wherever and whenever you ride, the Arclight Pedals won’t hold you back.

The Light Modules easily slide into the Multi-Mount with the same rock-solid magnetic locking attachment as the pedals. Depending on the mount location, SmartSet technology automatically selects the correct colours for front and rear.

Arclight Pedals are compatible with almost any bicycle. Just unscrew your current pedals, screw on the Arclight Pedals, slide in the light modules, and you’re ready to ride!

Redshift was born on Kickstarter. 8 years ago, the Kickstarter community helped them turn a product idea into a company. Since their first Kickstarter campaign, they’ve grown a lot as a company. They have several product lines, an amazing group of customers, an established supply chain and manufacturing partners, and worldwide distribution!

They still design, engineer, test, assemble, and package all of their products in their Philadelphia workspace. They will always strive to make unique, impactful products while maintaining their high standards of quality and customer service.

► ARCLIGHT - Bike Pedals Stand Out Ride Safe

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