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3DSIMO - Multifunctional Creative Tools For Kids And Adults

3DSIMO - Multifunctional Creative Tools For Kids And Adults

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πŸ† 3DSIMO - Multifunctional Creative Tools For Kids And Adults


🎯 Universal tool for every home and workshop. Up to 7 functions with exchangeable attachments

3Dsimo creates multifunctional workshop that can fit into your pocket. Unlike its competitors, this is more than just a 3D pen. This small device is able to substitute 3Dprinter, soldering station, plastic welder, resistance wire cutter, jigsaw, small drill, and electric screwdriver.

In the future more tool functionality to the pen, such as drilling, making it a tool for any creator, from novice to master. The Simo also provides the user with extra control of pen settings, such as filament melt temperature and extrusion speed, via the downloadable 3D Simo app. It supports a wide range of filaments and you can even add your own filament through the app.

Now you will be able to create or fix almost everything!

If you prefer to build the device yourself and customize it to your needs then Kit is the world’s first Open Source multifunctional tool in the world.

3D drawing tool works using the same technology as FDM 3D printers, so you can create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Just start creating or repairing.

● Create: phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys and much more.
● Repair: 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices and much more.

You can start creating using any 3D printing filament currently on the market (ABS, PLA, HiPS, Flexi, Fluorescent, Wood, Metalic, Thermochrome, Conductive, e.t.c.) thanks to easy to set temperature and feeding speed.

Customize your sneakers or formal footwear and stand out on every occasion. Using the Burning tool, you can burn-in designs into wood, leather, plastic, and repair damaged plastic objects (chargers, phone covers, e.t.c.).

● Leather burning: customize your leather wallet, belt, shoes or your pet's collar with the Burning tool.
● Wood burning: customize wood jewelry, cutting board or even desk of your table. And if you are a skilled artist, you can try even more exotic wood.
● Repair and finishing touches: Whatever you create with the 3D Drawing tool, you can finalize with the Burning tool.

Also, you can easily repair your 3D printed objects, cracked phone cover or any other plastic device. There is no easier way to repair damaged things than by heating up the broken pieces and connecting them back together.

For the electrical engineer in you. There is no need of purchase of an expensive soldering station any more. Their products can substitute it fully. Their soldering tip can heat up to 490Β°C within 20 seconds, while your hand will stay the same. Now you can repair broken USB cable, damaged headphones or create your own electronic devices your self.

Resistance wire cutter - using resistance wire you can cut foam materials, plastic boards and even plexiglass. The device can connect using Bluetooth to your smartphone and update the firmware, so your device always stays current.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make all the difference.

β–Ί 3DSIMO - Multifunctional Creative Tools For Kids And Adults

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