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ORBITKEY - The ID Card Holder Reinvented

ORBITKEY - The ID Card Holder Reinvented

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🏆 ORBITKEY - The ID Card Holder Reinvented


🎯 A durable and sleek card carry solution with an innovative privacy feature to help you move effortlessly through your day

Perhaps you’re already going back to working and collaborating in the office, either way, when we return to those days of daily commutes and takeaway coffees, we can’t underestimate the convenience a card holder can bring to our day to day. But most solutions don’t work well and often don’t last very long.

Introducing the Orbitkey ID Card Holder System, a durable and sleek card carry solution to help you move effortlessly through your day.

The ID Card Holders allow you to easily scan your ID, access or public transport card while you’re on the go.

Keep your ID or public transport card easily accessible, so you don’t have to rummage through your pocket or bag and avoid touching your other belongings.

The unique swivel belt hook allows the retractor to rotate in the direction you pull the Card Holder in – minimising wear on the retractor cord and creating a truly seamless interaction.

If you’re leaving the office and want to hide your ID, simply pull down and flip your card around. With the built-in privacy feature, the card holder sits within a cavity in the retractor casing and ensures that it doesn’t flip back around – so that your personal details remain personal.

Can’t clip a retractor to your outfit or prefer not to? Opt for the detachable lanyard so you can wear your Retractable Card Holder around your neck instead. The comfortable woven lanyard also has a breakaway release for added safety and convenience.

The ID Card Holder Pro can hold not 1, but 2 additional RFID cards (such as credit cards and public transport cards) – with RFID blocking technology to protect from digital theft. Also it's perfect for a business or coffee loyalty card.

With the Pro model, you can carry multiple RFID cards and still scan your ID or primary access card without removing it from the card holder. Also it has extra storage for small items, such as a key and emergency cash, hidden in a cavity under your ID card.

The ID Card Holder Pro even supports cards in both portrait and landscape orientations. Just transfer the hook from one leather loop to the other.

These features all come together in a sleek and minimal design with high-quality materials – like ethically sourced top grain leather and 100% recycled woven polyester – so you can feel proud, professional and confident with an elegant card holder that you can rely on, day after day.

► ORBITKEY - The ID Card Holder Reinvented

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