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BERLINGREEN - We Bring Nature Indoors Effortlessly

BERLINGREEN - We Bring Nature Indoors Effortlessly

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πŸ† BERLINGREEN - We Bring Nature Indoors Effortlessly


🎯 With the GreenBox, BerlinGreen brings the digital garden into every home

With the GreenBox, you can even grow fresh herbs and salads yourself in apartments with poor lighting.

The smart indoor garden takes care of the plants on its own – just plug-and-play.

The GreenBox – the smart garden for the living room

Upon delivery, the GreenBox is fitted with the attached PlantPlugs – just fill it with water.

Except for the addition of water every 2 weeks, the GreenBox works completely autonomously.

The integrated sensors inform the owner in good time when it is time to refill water and inform them whether the room temperature is optimal.

The Smart App automatically adjusts the lighting to the respective plant set.

Thanks to the LED technology used, which imitates sunlight, the plants can grow regardless of the lighting conditions.

The plants grow in organic PlantPlugs that already contain all the necessary nutrients and seeds.

The starter page is included in the product price.

The user can have more plugs delivered to their home.

The GreenBox is made from a high-quality wooden housing.

The combination of natural material and touch sensors on the housing make the product special.

β–Ί BERLINGREEN - We Bring Nature Indoors Effortlessly