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DJ6 - An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life

DJ6 - An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life

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πŸ† DJ6 - An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life


🎯 Compact & powerful laser engraver to creatively customize anything

Still looking for a functional yet affordable laser engraver? DJ6 is the perfect choice. For a minimal investment, you can quickly personalize and customize any object with your creative designs.

Leave the hassle of bulky and complicated laser engravers behind. DJ6 is the perfect on-the-go tool for taking with you anywhere. With 3,000mW laser power and 1.5mm cutting thickness performance, you can create magical designs at the touch of a button.

DJ6 can engrave patterns, designs, logos and images on virtually any materials including wood, glass, colored ceramics, painted metal, food, acrylic, leather, fabric, plastic, and more. With DJ6, you can create anything you ever dreamed of. From unique gifts to amazing artwork, DJ6 is the perfect tool to turn your ideas into reality!

Any horizontally stable object can be engraved quickly and easily.

Compatible with Windows, MacOs, iOS, and Android. By using their exclusive APP, you can easily design and create any patterns you like using different devices and across multiple image formats.

DJ6 features a useful preview mode that shows the approximate engraving area of the pattern before engraving begins. This gives you a better understanding of the final look and position of your design and prevents placement errors that are common with other engravers.

Directional control allows you to move the laser head in four different directions. You can even pause and re-start the engraving process at any time.

● Daja Shield: Protecting your eyes from the indirect radiation that comes from the laser.
● Motion Detection: The engraving process will automatically pause once it detects any accidentally motions.
● Internal Ventilating Fan: Lowering internal temperature and ventilating any smoke produced during the engraving process.

The DJ6 is a Class 2 laser product (based on the FDA's laser classification system) with FDA, FCC, and other certifications. This means it satisfies standards for laser requirements. The laser power is 3W, and has safety protections built-in, including a safety shield, and motion detection that ensures safe use.

β–Ί DJ6 - An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life

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