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BENTSAI B10 MINI - The Finest Printer For Business

BENTSAI B10 MINI - The Finest Printer For Business

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πŸ† BENTSAI B10 MINI - The Finest Printer For Business


🎯 195g | WiFi Connection | One Click Print | 42mL=2 Million Letters | Prints Anything | Any Surfaces

The revolutionary design makes printing no longer boring and confined to the business. Mini B10 is wireless with detachable design, can be operated via Wi-Fi. Lightweight and easy to carry. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use with one hand. The limitation of traditional printing inspired BENTSAI Mini B10 designed to take your logo, barcode, UPC code and other printing experiences to new horizons.

The perfectly sized snap-on magnetic cover protects the print head and nozzles of your printer from scratches or dents. Easily attaches to your printer using the built-in magnet on the cover for a secure fit that you can open and close with the simple push of your finger.

Smart and simple setup, no extra verification required. With PRTFOX APP, you can transmit data to the printer and edit instantly, including QR code, Barcode, Text, Picture, Icon, Expire Date, Consecutive Number and much more.

Practicality and convenience are the core concepts of B10. Whether iPhone or Android can be connected by PRTFOX APP. When B10 is connected, you can easily complete your personal creativity in just 4 simple steps.

Mini B10 is battery-powered, portable and super compact. However, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on the wire. You could continue to use during charging. So you don't slow down any work process.

B10 can print on rough, curved and uneven surfaces. You can also use B10 to print temporary tattoos on the skin. In a safe way of use, any creative ideas can be realized by B10 for you.

Incredible smooth print with 5 roller design, printing speed up to 500mm/sec, can be as flexible and easy to slide as a computer mouse. It's a productivity boost for business because it's easy to do in seconds.

A new ink formula developed by BENTSAI specifically for speciality applications, including packaging materials and more challenging substrates. Has outstanding decap, an unusual characteristic for solvent-based ink formula, no more varnish spray required for glossy surfaces. With widely colour options from Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Green, White and Invisible.

B10 printer with erasable ink lets you re-print on the same item. For example, switch the festival vibe for your store decoration on mugs, glass, and even design on your cashier by alcohol spray. Moreover, you could save your product from your misprint.

Excellent adhesion for various materials, fast dry ink could be customized density on APP. Waterproof and superior durability. Cartridge built-in 300 small nozzles and full colour printing with 600DPI resolution. All these advanced designs make printing faster and more accurate.

Anti-counterfeit invisible ink - Only can be read under UV lamps. Potential to be used as an anti-counterfeiting. Invisible traceability in production and logistics. Copy protection on tickets and vouchers.

Powerful performance does not have to be accompanied by a bulky structure. Its lightweight and pocket-size body, comfortable enough to be taken anywhere. With large capacity of cartridge up to 42mL, support you to print up to 2,000,000 characters = 1,080,000 production date = 98,182 QR Codes = 29,189 barcodes.

Print any text and graphic in high resolution with just a simple sideways movement across the surface. Excellent adhesion for various materials, fast dry ink could be customized density on APP.

It has never been easier to customize the font style by just a few clicks in the app, it supports printing in solid font or dot matrix font within adjustable printing font height up to 0.5 inches/12.7 mm Imprint size.

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