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ZMI NO. 20 - The World's Most Powerful PowerPack

ZMI NO. 20 - The World's Most Powerful PowerPack

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πŸ† ZMI NO. 20 - The World's Most Powerful PowerPack


🎯 25000mAh Battery w/ 3 PD Ports | Revolutionary 210W Max Output | 100W USB-C/USB-A | Fast Charge

The super "charging station" has an ultra-high capacity of 25000mAh and 210W max output that can support all your needs.

Charge your wireless headphones, GoPro, Bluetooth, and more with the ZMI PowerPack No. 20. Just double click on the power button to turn it on and enjoy your uninterrupted leisure time.

The ZMI P20 offers a maximum output power of 100W for the USB-C1 port, 45W output power for the USB-C2 port, and 100W output power for the USB-A port. The total active output power for all three ports is 210W.

Compared to the USB-C battery packs on the market, which are usually less than 60W with the low USB-C power, the ZMI P20 is sufficient to juice up your devices and ensure efficient productivity.

The USB-C1 port provides the MacBook Pro (A2141) with a charging power comparable to its original 96W charger, which can charge the laptop to 75% in just 1 hour. With this "lightning charging speed," the iPhone 12 can be fully charged in just 1.75 hours.

Whether you work from home, study, take photos or play games, the ZMI P20 solves all the charging problems of your devices. Charge and enjoy your activities with only one universal compatible power bank.

The ZMI P20 features 3 PD single charge ports with independent circuits. Both USB-C ports are bidirectional for stable inputs/outputs, while the A port supports the output of the A2C cables included in the kit.

They have conducted several tests to see how many times the ZMI P20 can fully charge different devices. Charge 3 devices with the best conversion rate (up to 97%).

The ZMI P20 can recharge from 0 to 60% (15000mAh) in just 50 mins or 2 hrs for a full charge of 25,000 mAh. This means you'll have a power bank that's already ready to go before you are.

Equipped with a thermal protection system, it prevents the ZMI P20 from overheating or swelling to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

To ensure safety and longevity, the ZMI P20 will never go above 57Β°C (134.6Β°F), unlike other power banks that can reach 70Β°C (167Β°F).

With five 21700 high-quality power cells, the ZMI P20 maintains reliability and safety. Also it has a better capacity/energy density of the monomer and a greater charge-discharge performance than the traditional 18650 battery cells.

β–Ί ZMI NO. 20 - The World's Most Powerful PowerPack

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