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X-TRA PERFORMANCE - The Camera Battery Re-invented

X-TRA PERFORMANCE - The Camera Battery Re-invented

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🏆 X-TRA PERFORMANCE - The Camera Battery Re-invented


🎯 2X Capacity | Charge Level Indicator |Quick Reload | Power bank | Fast Charging | Grip Extension

This Revolutionary Camera Battery will Lighten Your Bag and Change the Way You Shoot

For many photographers, power is a major struggle. If you're shooting video or working in live-view, a battery charge never seems to last, so you're stuck carrying 3 or 4 batteries in your kit. X-tra battery is here to solve that problem and simplify your kit with one revolutionary accessory.

The main portion of battery fits nicely into the camera's battery slot while the bottom piece extends out the bottom to provide an additional gripping surface.

For starters, in terms of power capacity, the X-tra holds 3,700 mAh, which is two times the charge of Canon’s LP-E6. Previously the only option for a double capacity battery was to use two separate batteries within a battery grip, so lots of photographers will potentially be able to eliminate an additional piece of bulky equipment.

The X-tra is a full-size camera battery, similar in size to the battery found in the Canon 1DX. The physical profile of the X-tra extends just beyond the bottom of the battery compartment on compatible camera models, providing a solid grip for larger hands and a comfortable, extra secure feel.

Because the X-tra requires the camera’s battery door to be removed, you can quickly change out batteries with one hand without fumbling with a battery compartment door. When it is time to swap batteries, it’s a super fast and easy process. Just press up on the battery to release it and replace it with a fresh one.

It’s easy to get charged batteries mixed up with dead batteries in your bag. Anyone who has ever replaced a dying battery with a dead one, knows it’s a pain in the butt and grinds your shoot to a halt.

The X-tra was designed with that common issue in mind and features a charge level indicator to help avoid dead battery headaches. Unlike other batteries that you have to load in the camera to test, the X-tra will show you just how much juice you have left quickly and easily. With the press and hold of a button, you’ll be able to see just how much charge the X-tra still has with up to four illuminated indicators, saving you time and irritation.

► X-TRA PERFORMANCE - The Camera Battery Re-invented

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