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MAGBROTHER - Portable Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

MAGBROTHER - Portable Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

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🏆 MAGBROTHER - Portable Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


🎯 Turn Your Magsafe or Qi Wireless Charger into a Magnetic Charger and Power any Apple Watch Anywhere

Having a dedicated Apple Watch charging stand is a must. Not only does it keep your watch fully charged, but it also adds a minimalist style wherever it’s sitting.

Don’t spend money on another Apple Watch charger. And don’t ever worry about your Apple Watch ever running low on battery again. Thanks to MagBrother, you can charge any Apple Watch with the charging device you own already.

Whether it’s Magsafe, a Qi wireless charger, or a wireless powerbank, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be at full charge without ever having to dish out cash for another Apple Watch charger.

Meet the perfect match for your MagSafe magnetic charger. MagBrother transforms your Magsafe into a portable wireless charger for your Apple Watch. This means you can keep your desk or workspace free of crowded, messy cables.

Make any Qi wireless charging pad or powerbank compatible and able to charge your Apple Watch. And you’ll never have to worry about cables getting tangled ever again!

MagBrother allows you to leave every cable or device at home. It lets you charge your Apple Watch by using your smartphone. This is all thanks to MagBrother’s wireless reverse charging. Meaning no matter where you go, as long as you have your phone you can charge your Apple Watch.

Just connect your type-c cable to MagBrother and start charging your Apple Watch.

MagBrother works with every Apple Watch model, so you’ll never have to worry about device compatibility again.

Enjoy charging your Apple Watch while it’s in Nightstand mode by turning your MagBrother from a pad into a stand for optimal placement and charging.

MagBrother is small, light, and fits in your pocket – making it the perfect way to keep your Apple Watch charged anywhere you go.

Thanks to the magnetic clip, MagBrother will never fall off. So you can lean back and relax knowing your Apple Watch and charger are firmly charging in place.

Tech Specs:
● Dimension: 56x56x8.6mm
● Input: 5W wireless charging
● Output Power: 3W(Max)
● Connector: TYPE-C
● Weight: 26.3g

► MAGBROTHER - Portable Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

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