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FREMO X700 - World's Smallest 1000W LiFePO4 Power Station

FREMO X700 - World's Smallest 1000W LiFePO4 Power Station

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πŸ† FREMO X700 - World's Smallest 1000W LiFePO4 Power Station


🎯 EV-Grade LiFePO4; Up to 1000W Output; 3000+ Charge Cycles; Detachable Magnetic Light; Smart Display

Disasters are unpredictable and some of them lead to power outages, that’s when power becomes extremely important because a power outage might last for a long time with extreme consequences.

They have created an innovative, reliable, and durable product in terms of everything, from industrial design to product performance and safety.

X700 uses the industry's safest automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries which, compared to the ternary lithium batteries used in most of the energy storage products, are highly stable and non-flammable, with a cycle life 5 times longer - it is simply your best choice for energy storage products.

X700 is small and compact, but boasts a power output of 1000W or even 1600W at its peak, enabling it to drive most of the existing electrical devices.

They combined modern industrial design elements with their own understanding of user experience, and came up with a brilliant product with excellent human-computer interaction.

At Fremo, your safety is their first priority. For the X700 Series, they've chosen LiFePO4 (EV-grade) as the battery source. LiFePO4 has superior chemical and thermal stability compared to Li-ion. It also has a significantly less chance of overheating and catching fire.

LiFePO4 also has a longer life cycle of up to 8 times compared to Li-ion. That means your X700 can last up to 8 times longer than other power stations, since their batteries degrade less overtime.

With the X700 Series, you can get up to 1500 charge cycles to 80% or 3000+ to 60%.

The FREMO X700 is designed with an innovative internal stacking structure to minimize its size while maximizing its power.

Their unique vertical design takes up 30% less space than their competitors. Built to be smaller than a piece of A4 paper, the X700 is compact, yet extremely powerful.

For its portable size, the X700 still features 662Wh capacity. The perfect balance between weight (17.6 lbs), size (184mm x 184mm x 289 mm), and power. The X700 is more than enough to power you through a blackout or keep your appliances running on an outdoor trip.

Compact does not mean compromise. Small in size, but big in charging capabilities. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with the X700. Hello charging party!

The Fremo X700 Series features 2x AC Outlet ports, providing up to 1000W Pure Sine Wave. Along with 4x USB-A and 2x USB-C PD Ports, X700 will juice up all your devices in no time.

Many people put their power stations on the ground or the table. I never understood why the screens were on the side and not the top. When designing the X700, they took the human-first approach and simply put the interactive screen on top so that the user did not have to bend down every time they wanted to look at the screen.

A simple solution to a much better user experience.

Minimalistic buttons, a LED coloured screen, and an intuitive user interface make the X700 one of the most user-friendly power stations ever. The real-time display shows power, temperature, and charging status.

Need a light? The X700 has got you covered. Say goodbye to the days of lugging around a bulky power station just to see during blackouts, and say hello to their handy detachable magnetic flashlight. The best part? The flashlight recharges itself once attached back onto the X700!

They care seriously about user experience and design their products and carry on technological innovation to meet their users' needs. It is their mission to build an ecosystem where everyone can travel, connect, breathe and live with ease. Fremo - Free more power for outdoor life.

β–Ί FREMO X700 - World's Smallest 1000W LiFePO4 Power Station

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